Refrigerator Training

John is doing well in training with us here at Appliance Rescue Service.

John is starting on refrigerators today, as you can tell from the pictures he is determined, but limited to working only on the bottom drawer freezers for the time being. There is a height issue we are working on here, but we feel one day he will reach the top.

We will keep you posted, but the Appliance Rescue Service family is very impressed so far!

John Refrigerator Training Day 1.jpg
John Refrigerator Training Day 2.jpg

Dishwasher Making Noise? Learn What it Means from Appliance Rescue Service. 

Dishwashers are very handy in the kitchen, saving us precious minutes that we would otherwise spend washing and drying dishes individually. But when your dishwasher is making loud, strange sounds, it can be concerning. Before there is a major issue with your dishwasher, learn why your dishwasher is making noise and what those noises mean, from Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas:

Swishing Noise

If you hear a swishing noise in your dishwasher, there is no cause for alarm. During the wash cycle, the spray arm will spray water into the basin and that is the noise you are hearing.

Loud Banging Noise

If the noise is especially loud, like a loud banging that might echo a little afterward, then you might have a water hammer that needs professional attention. A water hammer occurs when a valve is shut off quickly and the water is forced to “bang” against that closed valve. 

Rhythmic Thumping or Knocking Noise

A rhythmic thumping or knocking noise can usually be attributed to a spray arm hitting something inside the dishwasher at regular intervals. Open the dishwasher door, take a peek inside, readjust anything that might be hitting, then restart the dishwasher. The problem should be solved, but if it isn’t, then give a dishwasher repairman a call. 

dishwasher repair dallas texas.jpg

Squealing Noise

Is your dishwasher new? New dishwashers do not have water inside them yet, so sometimes a new unit can squeal a little as mechanisms begin working and water has not fully filled the dishwasher cavities yet. The same issue can occur in a vacation home where a dishwasher goes months without use. If you suspect this is an issue, try pouring a little water in the bottom of the dishwasher basin before starting the cycle to see if it solves the issue. 

Humming Noise

A mild humming noise can be normal, but if it’s loud or constant, then it could be a faulty motor or a fan that needs replacing. Call a professional dishwasher repairman to properly diagnose the issue.

Still have questions about your dishwasher and why it’s making noises? Call us anytime at Appliance Rescue Service for a full diagnosis of your machine. We are your Dallas dishwasher repair specialists

Appliance Storage Hacks: Where to Store Food in your Fridge

Did you know that your refrigerator was actually designed in such a way that certain foods should be kept in various parts of the refrigerator – both for optimum convenience and to keep food fresher longer? 

It’s true, and while you might feel like you know exactly wehre everything should go in a fridge (let’s face it, you’ve been using one your whole life), Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas is here to share a few food storage hacks you may not know:


Store Milk on Shelves – in the Back

As you might guess, milk is more apt to spoiling than other items in the fridge. Many homeowners keep their milk on the door, but this is just not optimum for freshness. The temperatures on the door fluctuate the most, since the air changes each time the door is opened and closed. Instead, store your milk on a shelf, toward the back of the refrigerator. Also – keep it away from foods with strong odors, as it can absorb those scents. Ick.

Keep Meat On Bottom Shelves

Meat storage works best when you keep it down low in the refrigerator. This prevents cross-contamination with other foods in the refrigerator and prevents meat from dripping on other foods. Of course, you should always keep your meats well sealed to prevent any drips or spills. 

Utilize the Crisper Drawers for Fruits and Vegetables

Those drawers near the bottom of your refrigerator – the crisper drawers – are there for a reason! Use them for fruits and vegetables. Each drawer has valves that allow you to adjust the humidity of the drawer, based on how much humidity is needed to store various fruits and vegetables. Leafy greens need higher humidity; while heartier items like apples and carrots need low humidity. 

Hopefully this helps you get organized and extend the life of your food – and your appliance! Should you ever suspect issues with your refrigerator and need Prosper refrigerator repair, call us at Appliance Rescue Service! We offer appliance repair to Prosper, Frisco, McKinney, Plano, Grapevine, Flower Mound, and the entire North Texas area. 

refrigerator repair prosper texas appliance rescue service.jpg

Ask Appliance Rescue: Why is My Microwave Sparking?

When your microwave is sparking, it’s a clear sign of an issue – but it doesn’t necessarily mean your microwave is at the end of its life. If you notice sparking, discontinue use and inspect the following:


Is there metal in the microwave?

Most of us know that metal inside a microwave causing sparking, but sometimes a forgetful mishap can land a fork in the microwave by mistake. What could be less obvious is a speck of tin foil left on a dish as you reheat. Inspect for metal just to be sure that isn’t the issue.

 Is the Wave Guide Cover damaged?

If you look inside your microwave, you will notice a square plate off to one side that is known as the wave guide cover. This cover conceals the magnetron in the microwave, and it also guides the heat waves toward the food. If food particles or grease get stuck on the cover, the waves released from the magnetron can hit that debris and cause numerous sparks to fly. 

Is your microwave rack support the culprit?

Some microwaves have racks and require microwave rack supports. Simply put, if you notice sparking coming from the support areas of the racks, then that’s a good indicator that the microwave rack supports need to be replaced. 

sparking in microwave appliance rescue dallas texas

Still not sure what is causing your microwave to spark? Call the experts at Appliance Rescue Service today to fix the issue. Many times, sparking in the microwave is an easy fix and does not require a microwave replacement. Our technician will conduct a thorough inspection of your appliance and give you a detailed estimate before any microwave repair is done. We’ll have your microwave up and running again in no time – with no sparking! Call Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas for all your Dallas appliance repair needs!  

5 Things You Should Never Put in Your Microwave

Sure, microwaves are one of the greatest kitchen inventions of our time. Most of us are too young to remember the days before you could just pop food in and heat it up in a matter of minutes. 

While modern-day microwaves can take on quite a bite of abuse, there are certain things that just don’t belong in the microwave. Microwaving these 5 things is a sure fire way to ruin your microwave, create a huge mess, and call for Dallas microwave repair:


Plastic plates, cups, and to-go containers just don’t belong in the microwave. First of all, they can begin to melt, leaving plastic residue in your food (not fun). Secondly, as plastic is heated, it secretes BPA, a substance known to disrupt your hormones and cause other health issues. The same applies to styrofoam.

Paper Bags

A bag of popcorn goes in the microwave – why can’t other paper bags? It’s simple. Popcorn bags are made for the microwave, specially formulated with a substance in the liner to absorb radio waves in the microwave. Regular paper bags don’t have this; therefore, they can break down, catch fire!, or even emit their own toxins and fumes into the microwave. No thanks.

Travel Mugs

It’s tempting to heat your coffee in your travel mug before leaving for work, but don’t do it! Travel mugs – whether stainless steel or plastic – are just not designed to be heated in the microwave. The stainless steel mugs may not heat because steel is common in the construction of the microwave, plus, it may cause other interferences with the microwaves. Plastic mugs – even those that say they are microwave safe – may melt, so avoid them all together. 


Most people know this, but it’s worth repeating. Any liner or material that contains foil cannot go into the microwave. If it does, it will likely cause sparks in the microwave, as the waves reflect off of the foil. This can be extremely dangerous – not to mention a surefire way to need microwave repair.


Why would anyone run the microwave with nothing in it? It seems pretty straightforward, but people do it everyday, and the results are not good. Without any food in the microwave, the waves simply bounce around aimlessly and can cause severe damage to the microwave components. 

Hopefully these tips help your microwave last longer and prevent microwave repair. Should you ever need appliance repair in Dallas, Texas, call us at Appliance Rescue Service for the best appliance repairman every time!

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Spring Cleaning: How to Clean Those Dirty Tennis Shoes in the Washing Machine

The new year has many of us decluttering and throwing out things that “aren’t sparking joy” Mario Kondo style. But before you throw out those old tennis shoes, think, “would I still love these if they weren’t so dirty?” If the answer is yes, then read on to learn how to wash your dirty tennis shoes at home in the washing machine, courtesy of Appliance Rescue Service:


Step 1: Sprinkle Baking Soda Inside the Shoes

Baking soda is known for its deodorizing properties, so sprinkle a little in your shoes the night before you plan to wash to get a fully fresh scent the next day. 


Step 2: Remove Laces and Insoles

Before putting your shoes in the washing machine, remove the laces and put them in a laundry bag, or a pillow case if you don’t have one. Take the insoles out as well and hand wash those.


Step 3: Remove Debris

If you want to avoid DFW washing machine repair, don’t skip this step! Before you ever put your sneakers in the washing machine, get an old toothbrush or other soft bristled brush and scrub any caked dirt or debris off of the shoes. Otherwise, that debris may end up clogging your washing machine and creating costly issues.

washing machine repair washing tennis shoes appliance rescue service.jpg


Step 4: Wash the Shoes

Now it’s time to begin the wash! Throw your tennis shoes in a laundry bag, then place in the washing machine with a few old towels to muffle the banging and clunking in the washing machine. The laundry bag is necessary to prevent the shoes from causing any damage to the washing drum. Add adequate liquid detergent for your load, then run the delicate cycle with cold water. Important tip: never use powdered detergent for washing tennis shoes in the washing machine, as it can get caked up in the shoes. 


Step 5: Air Dry

This is the most tedious part! In order to get those tennis shoes looking brand new and avoid shrinkage or warping, do not put the tennis shoes in the dryer. Instead, just set them out to air dry. 


As always, if you ever suspect issues with your washing machine and need washing machine repair, call the #1 appliance repair company in DFW, Appliance Rescue Service.

Always Wear Shoes

Hello there! I feel I should apologize. It’s been a few months since I’ve visited, and normally I’m not so bad about keeping in touch. I could wax poetic about the holidays being crazy and not really knowing what day it was on that weird week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. I could talk about getting lost in the manuscript I’m currently working on. Both of those things are true. But that’s not the whole story. Oddly enough the main reason has to do with a dishwasher.

I have this thing I do when I know I need to do things around the house. I always wear shoes. I know it seems odd, but hear me out. It’s really more of a mental thing. If I put my shoes on, my brain shifts into a mode of “Hey, Todd, it’s time to get to work now.”

Today was one of those days. Today I got a lot of stuff sorted in a room I’d been avoiding for a while. That’s right, the laundry room. After about 3 hours today, things were actually going well and it is now a usable room instead of a scary place to try and do the washing.

There are still many things I need to do around the house. Projects that would squarely fall on the “fixer-upper” list.

I know that I’m going to be wearing my shoes when I do.

What’s that you say? Oh, I suppose I did leave you hanging with the dishwasher thing, didn’t?

Well, coincidentally, I was also wearing my shoes on the day my dishwasher decided it wanted to give me a swimming pool. In my kitchen.

Now, I know what you’re saying, and yes, I absolutely agree. A swimming pool in the kitchen would be awesome. Who hasn’t dreamt of having grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup while lounging on an oversized inflatable unicorn floatie thing? I know I have. There’s just one problem. My kitchen was not designed with housing a swimming pool in mind. Granted, there is an island, but it’s not the kind of island that should be surrounded by water.

None of these things mattered to my dishwasher, though. It was new in the eighties. These days, it no longer wanted to live up to its Potscrubber name. It seems it would rather earn a new name, like Poolswimmer. To that end, it had decided to longer do what it was supposed to do with the water.  

Being a reasonably handy guy, I thought I could fix it. So I did what any geek who didn’t want a swimming pool in his kitchen would do. I googled what could cause the particular model of dishwasher I have to lose its mind, and its water.

I found a few things it could be. And I ordered the parts to fix it myself. I mean, sure it’s 30 years old, but I figured that if I could fix it for less than the cost of a new dishwasher, it was worth it. I would love to say that wearing my shoes made a difference.  I would love to say that the money that I spent on the replacement door seal was worth it because it was just what my dishwasher needed to be reminded that it was a dishwasher and not a pool-maker.

I would love to say that, but I can’t. The truth is, I’m much better and putting words on the page than I am helping dishwashers remember why they were made. At the first little sign of a swimming hole in my kitchen, I really should have called someone like Appliance Rescue Service, but I didn’t. Sometimes I not that smart. Even when I do wear my shoes.

I have a new dishwasher now. One that washes dishes instead of trying to make swimming pools in my kitchen. Will it last 30 years like the last one? I have no idea, but if it starts misbehaving, I can tell you without a doubt, I’m going to call in the experts.

Anyway my friends, I hope you are well. And I hope your year is well on its way to being amazing. Now it’s time to kick off my shoes, grab a bowl of chili, and watch the snow paint my yard white.

Until next time, be safe, be kind, and always remember the shoes.



What Happens If I Don’t Change My Refrigerator’s Water Filter?

It’s a question we often get from homeowners: What will happen if I don’t change my refrigerator’s water filter? 

The short answer is nothing you’ll immediately notice.

However – you are compromising on water quality, and may over time, damage your refrigerator. Read on to learn more about water filtration in your refrigerator from Appliance Rescue in Dallas, Texas:

Why You Must Change the Water Filter

If your filter light has been red for some time, telling you to change the water filter, but you feel like you can’t tell a difference so it’s fine – then you’re mistaken. Water filters are designed to last about 6 months, and after that point, the filter stops being as effective. This means that pollutants, minerals, and other sediments from the pipes - or things that the water treatment plant doesn’t remove - can find their way into your water supply. You may also begin to notice an odor or slightly odd taste to the water – it’s because the water isn’t being effectively filtered.

Another reason to change the filter? The water will begin to flow more slowly, as the dirty filter clogs and cuts off the water’s ability to flow freely. This can lead to buildup in your refrigerator, damaging components, if left unchecked over time.

refrigerator repair dallas texas appliance rescue water filter repair.jpg

How Often Do I Change My Refrigerator’s Water Filter?

Most manufacturers recommend changing your filter every 6 months. Many refrigerators will have an indicator light that will shine when it’s time to change the filter, just be sure to reset it once you change the filter!

If you’re not sure how to change your refrigerator’s water filter or suspect some other refrigerator repair is needed, then call us at Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas. As a leading appliance repairman in Dallas, we will get your problem solved quickly and courteously. Proudly serving Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding suburbs. 

Why Appliance Rescue Service has the Best Customer Service in Dallas, Texas

It’s not the way you want to start a new year.

One of your major appliances has broken and you are debating whether to replace or repair.

What’s the solution? Before you jump to replacing it, here are a few reasons why you should give us a call at Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas for appliance repair and the best customer service in town:

The Original Appliance Rescue Service 

We’ve been around for years, and we’re thankful to our loyal customers who have helped us build a quality reputation in a segment where that isn’t always the case. We take pride in repairing all levels of appliances – from luxury high end appliance repair, to basic appliance repair, to everything in between. Washers, dryers, refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, dishwashers; you name it, we repair it.

Always New Parts

When Appliance Rescue Service fixes one of your appliances, you can rest assured that we’re always using new parts, unless for some reason you have chosen otherwise. We will even give you the old parts if you’d prefer to have them. 

90 Day Warranty

After the repair, if you notice an issue, call us back! Your new parts are warrantied from 90 days of the service, no questions asked. Labor is warrantied for 30 days after service. 

Detailed Explanation of Work

When our technicians evaluate your appliance, they will never do any work until you have approved it. They will evaluate the appliance, write out an estimate, and answer any questions you have about the appliance repair in Dallas before beginning work. Once you give the ok – then we’ll start. 

Your Appliance Consultant

We hire the best and our technicians frequently offer preventative measures, maintenance tips, etc. that will extend the life of your repair. It’s just one of the ways we go above and beyond for our clients, wishing them many years with their appliances in good working order.


Ready to get started with your Dallas appliance repair? Call the best appliance repair in Dallas, Texas: Appliance Rescue Service. 

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Dishwasher Issues: Why are My Glasses Coming out Cloudy?

When it happens, it can be very frustrating. 

While it’s not a huge dishwasher repair, removing cloudy glasses after a dishwasher cycle is both frustrating and perplexing. What is causing the issue? Should I get a new dishwasher? Here are a few reasons why your glasses might be coming out of the dishwasher cloudy and what we recommend at Appliance Rescue Service in Frisco, Texas to fix the issue:

Reason #1: Too Much Detergent

If your glasses are coming out of the dishwasher cloudy, then one reason can be that you are using too much detergent. That cloudiness can actually be residue left from caked on soap. 

Solution: Remove all dishes from your dishwasher and give your dishwasher a deep clean with vinegar. Vinegar will dissolve detergent residue that is lurking inside your machine. Also be sure to switch to pods that will emit just the right amount of detergent into your dishwasher and help prevent the issue.


Reason #2: Hard Water

Did you just move to a new home and are noticing issues with cloudy glasses? It could be the water. Hard water is considered “hard” because it is high in calcium and magnesium, often leaving behind limescale on your dishes or anything the water touches. While you might not see it on your other dishes, it’s more obvious on your glassware. 

Solution: Again, vinegar to the rescue! Soak a microfiber cloth in white vinegar and rub down your glassware to remove the film. You can also try newspaper, as it is also a great tool for removing the mineral buildup.

dishwasher cloudy glassware.jpg


Reason #3: Etching 

Another reason your glasses might be coming out of the dishwasher cloudy is that they might be permanently etched. That etching can look like cloudiness, but if you look closely, you’ll see the tiny scratches. This can be a result of too much soap, detergent that is high in phosphates, or soft water.

Solution: If you notice your issue is actually etching the glass, then experiment with different soaps and cleaning methods to see what stops the etching for occurring in the future.


Still suspect dishwasher repair is needed? Appliance Rescue Service in Frisco, Texas is always here to help! Give us a call for fast, friendly, and quality service every time. We pride ourselves on being the best appliance repair in Frisco, Texas!

3 Common Washing Machine Mistakes You are Probably Making

There seem to be many myths that people hold as truth when it comes to the washing machine, but Appliance Rescue Service is here to set the record straight! Here are 3 common washing machine mistakes you are probably making:


Using Too Much Detergent so Clothes Gets Extra Clean

It just makes sense, right? The more soap, the cleaner the clothes. Unfortunately, that’s just not how it works. Always use the recommended amount on the scoop for the size load that you are running. If you overdo it, excess soap can build up in your machine and on your clothes. And if it’s on your clothes, it can transfer to your skin and cause irritation to those with sensitive skin.


Washing Everything on Cold so It Doesn’t Shrink or Fade

Another good idea, but not the best for maintaining your washing machine for years to come. One of the common washing machine repair issues we see is clogged washing machines, and many times this can result from undissolved soap that gets stuck in the machine. Instead, make sure you wash delicates on cold, but choose to wash cottons and lights on warm or hot every few cycles to break down any soap residue in the machine.


Overloading the Washing Machine

It’s oh so tempting to shove everything in and hope it gets clean, but chances are, if the washing machine is overloaded then it won’t. Plus – overloading the washer can cause it to get imbalanced during the cycle, causing that awful shaking noise and ruining key components like the bearings and shock absorbers more quickly.

washing machine repair dallas texas appliance rescue service


If you are experiencing issues with your washing machine and need Dallas washing machine repair, call us at Appliance Rescue Service today for an in-home repair consultation. Our team will have an expertly trained appliance repair technician to your home to quickly diagnose the issue and get it fixed before the holidays. 

3 Common Oven Repairs – and What to Do About Them

‘Tis the season…for baking that is!

Chances are, you’re planning to use that oven or range to bake a few dozen holiday cookies or prepare an amazing meal for friends and family. Now is the not the time you want your oven to start having problems! Here are 3 of the most common oven repairs we see this time of year at Appliance Rescue Service – and what to do about them:

1.    Uneven Heating or No Heating at All

This is the worst. You’re ready to bake and the heating element just doesn’t seem to be heating properly – or isn’t heating at all. First thing to check – do you have power and is your digital display working? If not, then your problem is likely a blown fuse and you’ll want to call for oven repair. If the display is working properly but the heating is off, go ahead and heat the oven, then examine the heating elements to see if you notice any gaps in its “glow” or other damage that can be seen with the untrained eye. 

2.    Gas Oven Doesn’t Ignite

Gas ovens will normally click when turned on, and then you’ll hear a “poof” as the oven ignites. If you hear clicking and then nothing after that, it’s likely a faulty igniter. Be sure to turn off gas to the unit immediately and call for professional oven repair to get it fixed.

3.     Oven Temperature is Incorrect

If everything appears to be heating properly, but the temperature is still a little off inside the oven, then there are a few possible causes. 1) It could be a faulty temperature sensor. Check to make sure the temperature sensor is not touching the wall of the oven and affecting the temperature. 2) Your oven may need to be recalibrated. Call a professional appliance repair service in Dallas, Texas to help you get it done!


Don’t be caught without an oven this holiday season! If you suspect your oven is in need of oven repair or just want to get an appliance check-up, call us at Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas today! We also service Plano, McKinney, Frisco, Richardson, Flower Mound, Little Elm, Coppell, Southlake, Allen, Highland Village, Carrollton, and the surrounding Dallas-Fort Worth area.

holiday oven repair dallas texas appliance rescue

Are You Ruining Your Appliances During the Holidays?

The holiday season is a blur of cooking, baking, and hosting, and there is no other time of year that our kitchen appliances are so front and center. But did you know that the way you use your appliances this holiday season could be ruining them? 

At Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas, we get a lot of service calls during the holidays and we want to help you avoid that predicament. Here are some common mistakes we see homeowners make when using their appliances during the holidays:

Mistake #1: Overstuffing the Refrigerator

You’ve got a lot of mouths to feed, so you’ve stuffed every nook and cranny in your refrigerator with food. While this may be okay for a day or two, be sure not to make this a habit for any extended period of time. When you overstuff the refrigerator, it makes the refrigerator work harder to keep everything at the desired temperature. Also, air cannot move as freely around the refrigerator, causing stress on the fridge and Dallas refrigerator repairs.


Mistake #2: Sending Everything Down the Disposal

A garbage disposal is a wonderful thing, but it’s not meant to take everything! Be sure you do not send any fats (think bacon grease), bones, potato peels, or fruit pits down the drain. All of these things are known to wreak havoc on your components and back up your drain. When in doubt, just put items in the trash can to avoid garbage disposal repair. 

Mistake #3: Cooking in your Microwave

Microwaves are excellent for quickly heating or reheating items, but you really shouldn’t use your microwave to cook an entire entrée. Many microwave manuals will say you can cook in your microwave, but extended heat times can cause cracking or popping and damage to the interior of your microwave. 

Mistake #4: Not Cleaning the Range Hood

Cooking that big holiday meal is going to require proper ventilation, and if your range hood is not properly cleaned, it can prevent air from flowing freely, creating stress on your appliance. Before cooking, be sure to properly clean any range hood filters and check for clogs in the exhaust ports.

As always, if you experience any appliance issues and need holiday appliance repair in Dallas, Texas, call us at Appliance Rescue Service! We strive to be the best appliance repair company in Dallas with quick turnaround times, honest, highly trained technicians, and excellent rates. 

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Use All Your Appliances to Get that Meal Done at the Same Time

Ahhh – the challenge: getting everything on the table at the same time, piping hot and ready to eat. If you’re anything like us, we typically have one or two hot things, and the rest end up cold before serving. As the holidays approach, Appliance Rescue Service is here with a few tips on how to use all your kitchen appliances to get that meal done – and on the table! – at the same time:


1.    Plan Out Your Dishes and Cook Times.

It’s impossible to be cooking everything at the exact same time and having it all done at the exact same time. The key is to understand what can cook early and simmer, what can be prepared in advance, what needs to be done last, etc. Having a good idea of what steps go into each recipe – and which appliances are needed – will go a long way toward getting dinner on the table hot.


2.    Prep as Much as Possible in Advance.

Before you ever turn on an oven, cooktop, or microwave, plan to prep as much as you can in advance. This will prevent you from scrambling when certain steps – particularly chopping – take longer than you think they will! 

setting the table.jpg


3.    Roasting is Your Friend.

When preparing a large meal, remember the value of your oven and how wonderfully easy it is to roast vegetables or meat as part of your meal. Roasting is great because most roasted vegetables are very hearty, meaning they are flexible if you need to take something out a little early – or leave it in a few minutes longer to stay warm. If your veggies are done roasting early, simply turn the oven off and leave them in there with the oven door shut to help them stay crispy and warm.


4.    Start Cooktop Dishes First.

When planning out your cooking order, plan to start dishes on the cooktop first. Boiling water can be time consuming, as can simmering. Plus – if you’re making a stew or soup, those are easy to leave simmering on low while you prepare other dishes.


Ready to host your big holiday meal? Make sure those appliances are ready too! Call Appliance Rescue Service in Frisco, Texas today to request a service on your oven, cooktop, refrigerator, range, dishwasher, or other kitchen appliances. We are DFW’s best appliance repair company!

How to Get Rid of Bad Odors in the Microwave

Ever burnt a bag of popcorn in the microwave, and it smelled like that for weeks?

Or had a microwave dinner explode in the microwave and the smelled lingered?

It’s the worst.

Here’s the good news: there are ways to get rid of those stubborn, bad microwave odors, and Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas is here to show you how:

1.    Vinegar and Water

The last thing you want to do when trying to remove stubborn bad odors is to add new chemical smells to the situation. That’s why we love using all-natural products to get the job done! Start by trying a microwave safe measuring cup with half vinegar and half water. Microwave the mixture for 4 minutes, and not only will the mixture sanitize, but it will deodorize and absorb the scents as well. You can also try soaking a sponge in vinegar with a little baking soda, microwaving for 1 minute, then scrubbing the microwave with the sponge.

2.     Citrus

Citrus fruit is an excellent deodorizer and all-natural too! If the vinegar and water option doesn’t work, try slicing some lemon or orange slices and placing it in a microwave safe bowl with 1-2 cups of water. Microwave the mixture for 4 minutes, then let it sit for 12 hours. When you open the refrigerator, the microwave should be fresh and clean.

3.    Baking Soda

Most people have baking soda on hand, and in fact, baking soda is perfect for neutralizing odors and is a great all-natural cleaning product. Leave an open container of baking soda in the microwave for 12 hours to absorb bad microwave odors. 

Hopefully these tips help remove the bad odors and help make your microwave like-new! However, if you suspect a more serious issue is going on with your microwave and need microwave repair in Dallas, call us at Appliance Rescue Service – the #1 appliance repairman in Dallas, Texas

how to remove microwave odors.jpg

Who in the world repairs the appliances on an airplane?

Sitting in an aisle seat at 20,000 feet I find myself wondering, Who in the world repairs the appliances on an airplane? I guess more importantly, can you really call them appliances? I always envision them to be like the small kitchenettes in motor homes.

Oh. Crap. I did it again, didn’t I? Right. I suppose if I’m going to be making these visits over here, I should let you know a little about me. So, let’s get to that, shall we?

Well, my name is Todd. I’m a writer and author. One just means that I write as often as I breathe (and in truth would probably die if I stopped doing either of those things). And the other means that somewhere along the line I got paid for the first thing. At least that’s how I envision the blurred line between the two very similar words. My first two books could be considered Urban Fantasy. The one I’m working on currently is definitely more in the science-fiction realm. I grew up loving science-fiction, mostly because I always dreamt that one day the fiction would be a reality.

I’m still waiting on my jetpacks—I’m  looking squarely at you, Flash Gordon and Hanna-Barbara.

I know you’re asking yourself what is with these little random bits and baubles on the blog?  

Well, honestly, I think it’s really just to give you a break from the norm. How many other repair sites have a blog, let alone have random drive-by postings from some writer who really doesn’t know much at all about appliance repair? From my extensive online research into the subject, I can tell you, it’s not many. In fact, Appliance Rescue Service Dallas, this site you’re currently pursuing, may be the only one. In the whole wide world wide web.

It’s OK. The great thing about a company like Appliance Rescue Service Dallas  is that I don’t have to be an expert on appliance repair. They are. That’s why you call them. It leaves me free to write.

Which is what I’m doing.  On a plane. On the way to Denver.

I’m an IT guy by day. By night, I’m a writer as well as a pretty wicked dancer.

So, tell me, frequent fliers of fine appliancey-type blogs, what kinds of things do you long for from the realm of science-fiction? You know jetpacks are my jam. I’m also pretty keen on time travel. My current work in progress (which is referred to by many writers as their WIP) deals with time travel. There’s some time travel, some spicy romance action, some intrigue, and some suspense.

The cool thing about sci-fi is that as a writer, I can take something that exists today and think about the craziest evolution possible. Example. I’m sitting in a big metal tube hurling through the skies penning this little ditty on an iPad using a bluetooth keyboard. Think about that. 150 years ago when the first typewriters starting hitting the scene, THEY were the science fiction.


Now, take that typewriter from 200 years ago and you can see that sci-fi thread. How would that look?

Imagine a day when your typewriter fits into a bag. Sure, this baby was considered a portable, but could you fit it in any of your bags today?

In fact, picture the day when you will only carry the keys of your typewriter on a board. When the pressing of the keys will cause the letters to appear, almost quicker than you think them, on to an illuminated glass square that will also fit into your bag. Or even your pocket.

Sounds pretty miraculous, doesn’t it? I mean, sure, it’s just what I said it was, a bluetooth keyboard typing onto a tablet, but it’s still science fiction. As you look around you, take a moment and appreciate that the life you’re living was once science fiction. Computers that were once the size of entire buildings are now sitting on your wrist.  Not to mention, wrist-born communications that would make Dick Tracy jealous. What? You don’t know who Dick Tracy is? Oh man…you need to look that up. And NOT the Warren Beatty movie. Go old school, to the comics.

Alright, I think I’ve taken enough of your day.  Remind me to tell you next time about my love of typewriters. Like this little beauty.  It’s a Remington 10. Doesn’t she look like she belongs on a spaceship? Talk about your science fiction. Can you imagine telling the Egyptians or Greeks that there would one day be a device that would deliver uniform lettering on sheets of papyrus pressed thinner than they could dream of? I mean such nonsense might get you killed. But luckily, we have them. Typewriters. The wave of the future. But that, dear readers, is a story for another time.

Oh…and if you hurry, you can still scroll down and catch that blog post on the perfect way to bake cookies!!

Until next time, it’s your friendly neighborhood writer-man, signing off.

Have an awesomesauce day!!

-Todd, your friendly, neighborhood Writer-Man!



Prevent Dallas Refrigerator Repair with these Tips from Appliance Rescue Service

Refrigerators can be one of the most costly appliances to replace – and to fix. But here’s the good news: most Dallas refrigerator repairs can be avoided if you just perform routine maintenance on your appliance. 


What type of maintenance should I do on a refrigerator, you ask? Here are a few tips from the experts at Appliance Rescue Service:


1.    Clean the Condenser Coils

If you’re going to do anything to prolong the life of your refrigerator, this is it! Refrigerator condenser coils are located at the bottom of the refrigerator, and could be in the front or back depending on the model. With a coil cleaning brush – or another stiff brush – gently brush the coils to release any dust, hair, or other debris that has set in on the coils. When the coils get dirty, it prevents them from properly releasing heat, which in turn, makes your refrigerator less efficient and can lead to damage over time. Plan to clean out the condenser coils once every 6 months. 

2.    Clean the Door Gasket

Have you ever stopped to look at your refrigerator’s door gasket? Chances are, it’s in need of a little TLC. The door gasket is your refrigerator’s line of defense against cool air leakage, but if the gasket is sticky or worn, then it won’t seal properly. Give your door gasket a good scrubbing with warm, soapy water and a sponge to prevent Dallas refrigerator repair.

3.    Maintain the Proper Temperature

Did you know that a temperature between 36 degrees and 42 degrees is optimum for your refrigerator? Anything outside of this realm, and your refrigerator might be working on over-drive, which can lead to repairs and replacement more quickly.

If you sense there is something going on with your refrigerator and are in need of a Dallas refrigerator repair, be sure to call the best appliance handyman at Appliance Rescue Service! Our team is focused on getting your appliance fixed as quickly as possible with quality parts and service every time. 

refrigerator repair dallas texas appliance rescue.jpg

How to Bake the Perfect Cookies

Baking is a science, and getting a perfect cookie isn’t always a guarantee. Sometimes it takes more than simply following the recipe to a “t” for the perfect cookie. 

Ready to learn how to maximize the benefits of that gorgeous double oven or range? Here are our tips from Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas on how to bake the perfect cookies:


1.    Start with High Quality Ingredients

This is a must with any baking or cooking, but definitely applies to cookies. If you want great cookies, then you’re going to need to start with high quality butter, flour, and vanilla. Don’t ever substitute imitation vanilla extract for the pure vanilla extract; you’ll regret it.


2.    Rotate the Pan

When baking cookies, it’s important to get even temperatures throughout the oven so that all cookies cook perfectly. This is easily done with a convection oven, but if that isn’t available, then rotate your plan halfway through cooking.

oven repair plano texas.jpg


3.    Measure Correctly

Did you know that there are specific measuring cups for measuring wet and dry ingredients? If you’re using a glass or plastic measuring cup with a spout, then this is for liquids; straight edged metal or plastic measuring cups are for dry ingredients. Using the wrong one could mean you’re adding the wrong amount of ingredients to the mixture – affecting the end result. 


4.    Don’t Over Mix

It’s easy to get carried away with your electric mixer, but resist the urge to over mix the batter. At each step, mix just enough to mix ingredients thoroughly. Over mixing introduces too much air into the batter, resulting in super flat cookies that spread more than they rise. 


Hopefully these tips will get you on the way to baking the perfect cookies! If you suspect any issues with your oven and need oven repair in Plano, Texas, give us a call at Appliance Rescue Service. Our team specializes in the repair and maintenance of double wall ovens, single wall ovens, and ranges of all sizes. Let us get you back to baking with ease in no time! 

5 Things that Should Never End Up in the Washing Machine

Your washing machine is a workhorse and it can handle a lot, but let’s face it. There are certain things that just don’t belong in a washing machine! Some are obvious and can wreck havoc on your machine and clothes; others less obvious. 

Are you putting the right items in your washing machine? Read on as Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas brings you 5 things that should never end up in your washing machine:


Metal Objects

Here are two likely culprits when it comes to metal objects in the washing machine: keys and coins. Both of these items get left in pockets, and then cause issues in your machine. Often coins can be harmless, but there is a chance that these small metal objects end up stuck in your filter or pipes. Another thing to worry about with coins and keys: scuffing on the interior of the washing machine drum. Your keys are the biggest culprit of washing machine drum damage, but they can also damage themselves by short circuiting in the washer. 

Rubber Mats

Bath mats with rubber bottoms and other rubber mats don’t belong in the washing machine. Overtime, the rubber can wear down and disintegrate in the washing machine, clogging pipes and filters and ending up in places you don’t want it. 

Gasoline-Stained Clothing

Pretreat flammable stains – like gasoline – by hand before ever placing in your washing machine. If not, the gasoline can be flammable and it’s just not worth the risk. 

Excessive Laundry Detergent

Many people think that more laundry detergent = more clean clothes, but that is false. Using too much laundry detergent can interfere with the sensitivity sensors on your control panel and it can actually stay in your clothes and leave a soapy residue that ruins the clothes. 

Pet Hair

Excessive pet hair can clump in your washing machine and find its way into the little holes of the drum. Not only is this exceedingly difficult to remove, but it can then clog the drain pipes as well. 

If you experience issues with your washing machine from any of these items or for other reasons, call Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas immediately for Dallas washing machine repair

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