I Have a Leak in my Fridge...Now What?! - Appliance Rescue Dallas

It’s the sight no homeowner wants to see. They walk into the kitchen, only to see a giant puddle originating from the refrigerator. Of course, it’s late at night and you don’t think Appliance Rescue of Dallas, Texas can get to you until tomorrow.

The best way to try to stop your leak in a pinch is to understand where the leak is coming from. Obviously, there are many makes and models of refrigerators, but here are a few common places that leaks come from in the refrigerator, which can help you diagnosis the issue:

Leak Location: Lower Front; Issue: Drain Line has Become Clogged on a Self-Defrosting Refrigerator

Unplug the refrigerator and remove the front guard on the lower part of the fridge. This will expose a plastic tray. Slide the tray out and search for the end of the drain line. Once you’ve located the line, put the end in an empty bucket to let remaining water flow out of the tube. Many times, the line can just get jammed with ice, so if you’re feeling froggy, take a look at the line and see if you see a chunk of ice blocking the path. Remove the ice, reinstall, and you should be back in business.

Leak Location: Bottom Rear; Issue: Water Line or Water Valve

If you are able, unplug the refrigerator, pull it out, and inspect the area around the water line. A leak could be coming from the line or the valve in the refrigerator.

Leak Location: Bottom Middle; Issue: Drain Pan Malfunction

Either your drain pan has a crack or is misplaced. Inspect pan for cracks and make sure it is installed properly within your refrigerator.

Leak Location: Interior; Issue: Drain Line from Defroster is Clogged

Many refrigerators drain on the inside of the refrigerator, typically behind the crisper drawers. Remove the drawers and inspect the area for the drain line. If possible, take a look in the line and see if you immediately notice anything clogging it up.

These are just a few of the refrigerator leak issues that we see at Appliance Rescue in Dallas. If you have a leak and need a refrigerator repair in Dallas, give the experts at Appliance Rescue a call today and our staff will be out there quickly to diagnosis the issue and get your refrigerator working properly in no time.


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