Keys to Maximizing your Refrigerator's Potential

So what do we use our refrigerators for, anyway? Isn’t the goal to keep food fresher, longer?

If you want to keep food fresher longer- and maximize the life of your refrigerator – then consider these simple, every day tips from Appliance Rescue in Dallas, Texas:

·      Clean the Compressor Coils: Compressors – or evaporators as some manufactures call them – are at the heart of the functionality of your refrigerator. Check your manufacturer’s owners’ guide to locate the coils, then use a coil brush – available at most appliance shops – to clean them with ease. It only takes a few minutes, but by cleaning the coils you are helping the refrigerator run more efficiently and last longer. A good rule of thumb is to perform this step every 6 months.

·      Give Your Refrigerator a Good Wipe Down: At least once a month, wipe down the inside of the refrigerator with a damp cloth to remove gunk and spills that may have built up. Pay close attention to the door gaskets, as they are frequently overlooked, but should they get sticky and dirty, they may not seal as well, leaking air and causing lapses in performance.

·      Don’t Overload the Refrigerator: Refrigerators are designed to be filled with delicious goodies, but don’t overfill it. A key to freshness and efficiency is the proper air flow within the refrigerator. Not to mention – an inefficient refrigerator means higher utility bills.

·      Worried you have an issue? Call Appliance Rescue! If you are concerned that your refrigerator is not operating at it’s optimum efficiency, give our team of refrigerator repair experts in Dallas a call today! We will come out and give youa complete estimate with no surprises before any work is begun. Our goal at Appliance Rescue is to be the best appliance repair company in the Metroplex, with top notch customer service and quality work.