Top 10 Kitchen Hazards to Avoid this Holiday Season

Chances are, you will be spending more time than usual in the kitchen during this holiday season. With company visiting and additional food prep for holiday meals, the “hub of the home” will likely be the busiest part of the home.


Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas wants you to stay safe this holiday season. While we love being in the kitchen, we also know this room can be dangerous! Here are the top 10 kitchen hazards to avoid this holiday season:


1.   Burns

We’ve all done it. You either tried to grab a dish before it cooled from the oven, had hot oil splash on you from the cooktop, or maybe you just accidently touched the edge of the oven. Whatever the case may be, kitchen burns can be avoided. Use splash guards when cooking on the cooktop and always use oven mitts around the oven.


2.   Knife Injuries

Even the cook with the steadiest hand can make a mistake. Take your time to carefully chop fruits and veggies and always point the blade away from yourself.


3.   Unattended Cooktop

Kitchen fires are one of the most disastrous kitchen hazards. Keep all flammable materials away from the cooktop (particularly if you use a gas cooktop) and never leave the kitchen when the cooktop is on.


4.   Contamination

Food-borne pathogens can wreck havoc on the body and can be avoided. Wash hands often while cooking and never go from prepping raw meat to another task without fully cleaning and disinfecting the entire workspace. Cutting boards are a big culprit, and the minute you start seeing deep grooves in the board where bacteria can hide, throw them out.


5.   Kitchen Chemicals

Child safety locks are essential when storing chemicals – such as cleaning products – in the kitchen. Makes sure all access points are shut off from children and pets.


6.   Spills

A wet floor can be dangerous and cause slips and falls. If you spill something, clean it up immediately so that you don’t forget about it.


7.   Hot Peppers

Hot peppers can burn skin and the oils can get in your eyes and be very painful. Always wear gloves and safety goggles when preparing hot peppers like jalapeños.


8.   Overstocked Pantry

Beware of cabinets or even a refrigerator overflowing with food! Organize food so that there is no chance a jar or other heavy objects can fall out and land on someone’s foot.


9.   Falling

Falls can happen for a number of reasons, but a sudden fall in the kitchen can cause you to drop something breakable, bump a knife, or hit something on the cooktop. Take every precaution not to climb on anything unstable that can increase risk of falling.


10.                 Greasy Range Hood

Range hoods accumulate grease from cooking, and without proper range hood cleaning, that grease can start a fire when you least expect it. Look in your owner’s manual for proper cleaning instructions.


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