Tips for Preserving Food When the Freezer Goes Out

We rely on our freezer to preserve our food and keep it ice cold for weeks – and months! – at a time. But what do you do on that ill fated day when you need freezer repair in Dallas? Call Appliance Rescue Service and follow these simple tips to preserve your food longer!


·      Keep the Door Closed: Opening the freezer door repeatedly to check on the food is a bad idea. Keep your freezer securely shut and only open it when it’s an absolute necessity in order to keep the cold air in and the seal in tact.

·      Stack Food Together: If your freezer is not full, consider opening the freezer briefly and grouping frozen foods together so that they can better keep each other cold. Most full freezers will keep food for 48 hours; 24 hours for a half-full freezer.

·      Buy Dry Ice: Dry ice will do wonders for keeping food in your freezer frozen! Buy some at your local convenience store and place it near the food to increase longevity.

·      Be Mindful of Meats: If you think your meats may begin to thaw, consider placing them on a cookie sheet in the freezer or at least grouping them in one area. That way, the juices released during thawing do not run all over the freezer.

·      Install Appliance Thermometers: Not sure what the temperature of your freezer is? An appliance thermometer can easily show you what is going on. A freezer must be kept at 0 degrees or below. After the appliance comes back on, anything that was over 40 degrees for over 2 hours will most likely need to be discarded.

As soon as you suspect you have a Dallas freezer issue, give the experts at Appliance Rescue Service a call! Or if you feel more comfortable, you can text or book an appointment online. Our team will get back to you promptly to setup a time to diagnose the issue and get your freezer up and running again in no time.

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