3 Signs Your Range Hood is Not Working Properly

A range hood, or vent hood, is an appliance many take for granted. Even at eye level, we don’t always think to clean it or pay it much attention – until it stops working properly.

In order to prevent range hood repair, start paying closer attention to your range hood when it is on. Here are 3 signs to look for that may indicate a range hood issue:

Issue #1: Even on the highest setting, the range hood will not clear the smoke from the room.

If you have a true vent hood that vents air outward, then an inability to clear the smoke from the room could mean several things: 1) Check your duct work. It is very likely to be clogged with grease. 2) Check the motor. The motor may have given out or covered in grease, causing the fan to malfunction. 3) Check the air filter for clogs or debris and give it a good cleaning if necessary.


Issue #2:  The motor is very loud or constantly humming.

Any abnormal sound from your range hood is a sign of an issue. Most commonly, the motor is just dirty and rubbing or grinding against some grease or debris. If cleaning doesn’t help, then your motor needs to be replaced.

Issue #3: Lights or buttons won’t work properly.

If you have already attempted to change the light bulb and your lights still do not work, then the problem is likely the control board. If you are experiencing any sort of electrical issue on your range hood, call an expert immediately.

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