Appliance Rescue Service Named One of the Best Appliance Repairmen in Dallas! has just released their list of the Top 16 Dallas Appliance Repairmen for 2016, and Appliance Rescue Service is proud to be on that list! is a leader in, as they say, “connecting people with the experts in their community.” Why spend hours researching the best appliance repairman, roofer, painter, photographer, etc. when you can use a vetted resource like Expertise to do the work for you?!

Expertise started with a list of 266 home appliance repair companies in Dallas and was quickly able to narrow their field to the top 112. From there, they used the following in-depth analysis of each of the 112 companies to determine their final 16:

·      Reputation: Are the customers satisfied with the work done? Would they recommend them to others? Are there signs of outstanding customer service?

·      Credibility: Is this company staying ahead of the industry in terms of awards, accolades, accreditations, and licensing?

·      Experience: Is there a track record of success, with years of experience under their belt?

·      Availability: How is the customer response rate? Are they consistently exceeding expectations in their responsiveness?

·      Professionalism: Can we count on this business to provide a professional experience to its customers, both online and off?

·      Engagement? Do they use multiple platforms to communicate and provide customer service to customers?

After each company was measured against these 6 criteria, Expertise narrowed it down to it’s final 16, the 2016 Best Home Appliance Companies in Dallas.


Appliance Rescue Service is proud to be among the elite repairmen in Dallas and thanks each of our loyal customers for your support and feedback over the years!

Our goal is to provide the best customer service in town, along with the best appliance repairs in town. Give us a call today if you need washing machine, dryer, oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, or any major appliance repair.