5 Refrigerator Storage Hacks You Need to Know About

Refrigerators – and food – have a lot in common. Both can last longer if properly cared for. Here are 10 simple refrigerator storage hacks from Appliance Rescue in Dallas, Texas that will save you money by extending the life of both your appliance and your food!

1.         Milk Doesn’t Belong in the Door

Once upon a time, a refrigerator manufacturer created door slots to store milk and consumers began to think this was the best place for their milk. That’s just not the case. Milk and other highly perishable dairy items need to be in the back of the fridge where temperatures fluctuate less.


2.         Declutter

When your refrigerator is jam-packed with food, it just isn’t as efficient. Air needs to be able to circulate freely around the food, maximizing refrigerator efficiency and preventing hot and cold spots that lead to spoilage.


3.         Store the Meats Low

Avoid any liquids from flowing down and contaminating any other parts of the refrigerator by keeping meats stored at the bottom of the refrigerator.

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4.         The “Rot Low, Wilt High” Rule

Properly storing items in your crisper drawers is key to extending the life of fruits and veggies. Use the “rot low, wilt high” rule: if something will rot easily (fruit), it needs low humidity. If it wilts (veggies), then it needs high humidity.


5.         40 Degrees or Bust

In order to prevent harmful bacteria from forming on your food and premature spoilage, be sure to keep your refrigerator set to 40 degrees or below.


At Appliance Rescue Service, we hope these tips help to extend the life of your appliance – and your food. Should you ever need Dallas refrigerator repair, give us a call for the best appliance repair in Dallas! Ever wonder, “is there appliance repair near me?” Don’t wonder any longer! Appliance Rescue Service serves nearly every zip code in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Call us with all your repair needs!