5 Hot Appliance Trends for 2017 - Appliance Rescue Service

Each year, appliance manufacturers release new models, loaded with new gadgets and gizmos to save time and money while performing everyday tasks.


Appliance Rescue Service of Dallas, Texas is here to share a few of our favorite appliance trends we’ve seen so far in 2017:


·   Color: Stainless steel appliances are still king, but we’re beginning to see variations of the former. Beautiful matte white appliances with stainless accents have hit the scene, along with varying shades of stainless, such as bronze stainless and black stainless appliances.

·   Powerful Dishwasher Jets: Dishes are sure to gleam after being washed in one of the latest dishwashers, complete with the most powerful spray jets yet. Consider these jets mini power-washers, working their way into hard-to-reach spaces of the dishwasher.

·   Smart Appliances: Want to control your appliances with your smartphone? Yes – there’s an app for that! Ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, and more are now coming equipped with smart apps, letting you control the appliance from wherever you are.

·   French Door Wall Ovens: Finally – someone has realized how irritating it is to lean over a hot oven! New ovens are available with French doors, allowing you to avoid the burn and closely check food that is cooking.

·   Dual Washing Machines: Need to wash a big load and a small load at once? Now you can! Washing machines are coming with two chambers, ideal for any load of laundry.

Which appliance trends have caught your eye so far in 2017?

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