5 Tips for Perfect Baking with a Convection Oven

Do you own a convection oven?

Have you always been mystified on how to use it properly? 

At Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas, we know it can be confusing to know when to use your oven’s regular baking settings – and when to use convection. If using your convection oven, here are 5 tips for perfectly baked meals every time:


1.    Use Low Sided Dishes

Convection baking works by circulating air in the back of the oven via a fan and exhaust. By circulating the air, it helps prevent hot or cold spots throughout the oven and makes food cook more evenly. Low sided pans work best for cooking in a convection oven because they allow the air to circulate more evenly around the food. 

2.    Lower the Temperature 

If modifying a standard recipe for convection baking, plan on lowering the temperature by about 25 degrees. It’s just that much more efficient.

3.    No Overcrowding

You want the air to have plenty of room to circulate throughout the oven, so be sure you are not overcrowding the oven. When using multiple racks, just make sure they are not stacked too high with food.

4.    Shorten Cook Time

Due to the efficiency of a convection oven, it is recommended that you also shorten the cook time. Begin checking on the food halfway through cooking, and then more frequently as it gets closer to time. 

5.    Avoid Convection for Certain Dishes

There are certain dishes that do not benefit from convection cooking, in fact it hinders their ability to cook evenly. Skip the convection setting for custards, cakes, soufflés, and breads.


We hope these tips have helped you learn more about your appliance, and as always, if you are experiencing issues with your convection oven and need convection oven repair in Dallas, be sure to call the expert Dallas repairman at Appliance Rescue Service. 

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