How to Prepare Your Appliances for Moving

How to Prepare Your Appliances for Moving


All the excitement of moving into a new home can quickly go out of the window when you realize just how much work you need to do to get settled into your property. For instance, you don't just need to re-paint the walls, change the carpets, and check that the roof is in good condition, you also need to think about how you're going to get your appliances safely moved over to your new home. While you can always turn to an appliance rescue team to help repair anything that doesn't work by the time you reach your new home, it's best to keep the risk of damage to a minimum.


If you're worried about getting all of your belongings to your new property in one piece, then the following tips might be able to help. But of course our first tip is to hire some professional moving help. And for that, we recommend Bellhops.

1.     Unplug the Fridge in Advance

Before you call your Dallas moving experts to come and transport your belongings, one of the first things you'll need to do is clear out your fridge and turn it off. Pull all of your food out into coolers and throw anything away that you're not going to take with you. Switch the refrigerator off at least 24 hours before moving and clean it out thoroughly.


Once your fridge has defrosted, wash and dry the surfaces, and remove any containers within so that you can transport them separately.

2.     Clean and Prep Your Stove


Like the fridge, your stove needs to be cleaned thoroughly, and the racks need to be removed before you start moving. If you have a gas stove, it's crucial to make sure that the gas supply is turned off before you begin disconnecting anything. Be cautious, as gas lines can be fragile. If you're nervous, it may be worth calling your gas company to ask for assistance.


Tape down any elements and knobs to make sure that you don't lose any parts during the move either. If anything does get lost, remember to call your local appliance repair team in Dallas for help as soon as possible.

3.     Prepare the Washer, Dryer, and Dishwasher


Moving large and heavy machines like washers, dryers, and dishwashers can be particularly challenging. It may be a good idea to clean the units before your move by running a cycle and letting the unit dry out before you tape the doors closed.


If you've got the bolt that was used to keep the internal drum of your washing machine sturdy during delivery, you can re-attach that to ensure that the drum doesn't move around too excessively during your move. Additionally, remember to remove all the hoses you need to take with you and pack them separately in a box for safe keeping.

4.     Don't Forget the Little Things


Finally, when you're getting ready to move to your new neighborhood, don't forget about the little things. For every appliance, make sure that you unplug the unit and secure the plug to the back of the machine with packing tape.


For smaller appliances, remember to cover them in bubble wrap and place them carefully in boxes ready for your move.