Spring Cleaning: How to Clean Those Dirty Tennis Shoes in the Washing Machine

The new year has many of us decluttering and throwing out things that “aren’t sparking joy” Mario Kondo style. But before you throw out those old tennis shoes, think, “would I still love these if they weren’t so dirty?” If the answer is yes, then read on to learn how to wash your dirty tennis shoes at home in the washing machine, courtesy of Appliance Rescue Service:


Step 1: Sprinkle Baking Soda Inside the Shoes

Baking soda is known for its deodorizing properties, so sprinkle a little in your shoes the night before you plan to wash to get a fully fresh scent the next day. 


Step 2: Remove Laces and Insoles

Before putting your shoes in the washing machine, remove the laces and put them in a laundry bag, or a pillow case if you don’t have one. Take the insoles out as well and hand wash those.


Step 3: Remove Debris

If you want to avoid DFW washing machine repair, don’t skip this step! Before you ever put your sneakers in the washing machine, get an old toothbrush or other soft bristled brush and scrub any caked dirt or debris off of the shoes. Otherwise, that debris may end up clogging your washing machine and creating costly issues.

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Step 4: Wash the Shoes

Now it’s time to begin the wash! Throw your tennis shoes in a laundry bag, then place in the washing machine with a few old towels to muffle the banging and clunking in the washing machine. The laundry bag is necessary to prevent the shoes from causing any damage to the washing drum. Add adequate liquid detergent for your load, then run the delicate cycle with cold water. Important tip: never use powdered detergent for washing tennis shoes in the washing machine, as it can get caked up in the shoes. 


Step 5: Air Dry

This is the most tedious part! In order to get those tennis shoes looking brand new and avoid shrinkage or warping, do not put the tennis shoes in the dryer. Instead, just set them out to air dry. 


As always, if you ever suspect issues with your washing machine and need washing machine repair, call the #1 appliance repair company in DFW, Appliance Rescue Service.