The BEST Way to Clean Baby Clothes

As a new mom myself, I am CONSTANTLY ensuring that what goes on/in my baby is free of allergens, dirt, dust, ANYTHING to do with contamination. Especially when it comes to the clothes my son wears every day. Here are some helpful tips when washing your infants clothes!

Prepping The Clothes

A BIG one to always remember is to wash the baby’s clothes before putting them in it. I mean to wash them, even if you just bought them from the store. All babies have sensitive skin, and washing prior to wearing will prevent their skin from having an allergic reaction

Washing The Clothes

When it comes to washing the babies clothes, you’ll always follow the same steps as you would for your clothes. Always separate colors, whites, and darks. Thanks to “Better Homes & Garden”, they have listed some amazing hacks when washing baby clothes!

  • Place socks & other small items in a mesh bag when washing.

  • Fasten all loop-and-hooks when washing so nothing becomes attached in the process!

  • When folding the clothes, ensure that there are no loose buttons, fragments, or edges that might get stuck on baby’s skin.

Which is the best Baby Laundry Detergent?

One may think that washing a babies clothes can be done with regular laundry detergent. However, going back to one of my previous statements, babies have extremely sensitive skin. That means the detergent used is important too. Here is a list of the BEST laundry detergents you can get.

  1. Best For Sensitive Skin - Puracy Natural Liquid

  2. Best For Hard Water - Molly’s Suds Powder

  3. Best Hypoallergenic - Dreft Stage 1

  4. Best All Natural - ECOS Laundry Detergent

  5. Best Liquid - Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

  6. Best For Baby Eczema - Dreft Purtouch

  7. Best For Cloth Diapers - Rockin’ Green Classic

  8. Best Powder - Grab Green

  9. Best Organic - Eco Nuts Organic

  10. Best Smelling Detergent - Purex Liquid

(List Courtesy of Moms Love Best)

Following these steps & products should leave you with the best care for your baby’s clothing! Even though they grow into and out of those clothes within minutes it seems like, you always want to take great care of them. And if you are facing any issues with your washer or dryer, contact Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas for a service call!