FAQs: Everything You Need to Know about Your Oven’s Self Cleaning Mode

An oven’s self cleaning mode can be a homeowner’s best friend – and then it can also be a nightmare. Many homeowners simply don’t use it because they don’t understand it or how it works. Here are a few frequently asked questions we get here at Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas about the oven self cleaning mode and how it can work for you:

How Does the Oven’s Self Cleaning Cycle Work? 

The oven’s self cleaning cycle works by heating your oven to above 900 degrees Fahrenheit and then burning any baked on grease and food debris into ash. This is not harmful to your oven because the oven is coated in a porcelain resin that is fireproof and resistant to the high heat. 

Should I Leave My House During the Self Cleaning Cycle?

Yes, the North Texas Poison Center recommends that you leave the home while running the self cleaning mode. Putting the Teflon coating of your oven under extremely high heat conditions can produce fumes, and possibly, carbon monoxide. Be sure your home is well ventilated when running a self cleaning cycle. 

Do I Pre-Clean My Self Cleaning Oven?

As sad as it may be, you can’t just run the self cleaning cycle and expect it to do all the work. For best results, use an oven cleaner prior to running the self cleaning cycle to remove any larger crumbs of food or debris that might be lurking in the oven. You want to run the cycle when the oven basically looks clean, but you want to remove baked on, hard to remove spots. 

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Do I Leave the Racks in When Running the Self Cleaning Mode?

No, racks should be removed prior to running the self cleaning cycle. If you leave the racks in, they are likely going to warp and discolor due to the high heat, rendering them useless the next time you try to bake with them. 

When Can I Use My Oven After Self Cleaning?

The self cleaning mode will lock the oven shut until it has properly cooled down, and this time period varies based on your model. Check your user manual for details on your specific model, but this can vary from 30 minutes-2 hours post cycle. 

Want to learn more about the self cleaning mode on your oven? Do you suspect you need oven repair after running your self cleaning cycle? Call us at Appliance Rescue Service – the #1 oven repair company in Dallas, Texas. We’ll inspect your oven and give you a full estimate before starting any work.