How Do I Decide Which Dishwasher Cycle to Use?

Today’s fancy dishwashers have so many built-in settings it can be hard to determine what cycle to use! While these settings can be perplexing, they are actually there to help you get your dishes cleaner and do it more efficiently. 

So how do I decide which dishwasher cycle to use? Appliance Rescue Service – the #1 appliance repair company in DFW – is here to help you figure it out!

Auto Clean

Consider this your go-to if you aren’t sure which setting best fits your load. The auto clean cycle assesses how many dishes are in the dishwasher – and how dirty they are – and then adjusts the cycle and water temp accordingly. 


This cycle will use the highest water pressure and the hottest water to get baked on gunk off your dishes and leave them sparkling clean. Do not put any delicate dishes in this cycle and be aware that this cycle normally takes the longest. Reserve this cycle for that night you baked lasagna and it’s really caked on your dishes. 


The light wash cycle isn’t necessarily for a load with very little in it. Think of it as a load for delicate items. If you’re going to put fragile stemware or china in your dishwasher, then run it on the light cycle. The light cycle will use low pressure and cooler water to get things clean with little effort. Be sure all caked on food is removed before loading in the dishwasher or you’ll be disappointed with this cycle. 

Quick Load

So what cycle should I use if I don’t have many dishes and they aren’t that dirty? Quick load is your best bet! This option uses hot water and high pressure to get things clean, but doesn’t spend as much time (or water!) getting it done. Why waste a heavy load option that runs longer when your dishes only need a mild cleaning and sanitizing? 

So there you have it! Hopefully these tips help take the mystery out of which dishwasher cycle you should use. If you have more questions – or need dishwasher repair in Dallas, Texas – do not hesitate to call Appliance Rescue Service for all your appliance repair needs.