Move In Checklist isn’t Complete Without Checking Appliances!

Moving into a new home can be extremely overwhelming. Believe me, I have moved about 4 times in the last 3 years. Double checking to make sure I packed everything and making sure everything arrives in one piece is a mental struggle! However, I found that having a checklist always helps me to make sure every point I need to meet, is met! Below is your Go-To Checklist when moving into your next home.

 (P.S. Don’t forget to have Appliance Rescue Service which services the DFW area check the appliances! )

 1)  Taking Measurement of Each Room! This includes

a)  Kitchen

b)  Dining Room

c)  Family Room

d)  Living Room

e)  Master Bedroom

f)    Any Other Bedrooms


2) Transfer All Utilities In Your Name BEFORE Closing! This includes

a)  Gas/Electric

b)  Water/Sewer

c)  Garbage

d)  Cable

e)  WiFi

f)    DON’T FORGET: To Change your address on all Credit/Debit cards, and accounts associated with them!


3) Get Your Appliances Running

a)  Plug In Your Fridge To Get Cooling Activated

b)  Testing the Oven/Stove (If Applicable)

c)  Run The Dishwasher To Make Sure It Works


4) Changing Locks on Every Door! This includes

a)  Front Door

b)  Back Door

c)  Garage Door

d)  Backyard

e)  Side Gate


5) Pack A Bag Like You’re Going on a Short Trip. This includes

a)  A Few Changes of Clothes

b)  Pajamas

c)  Toiletries


These are just a few of the most important things to remember when moving into a new home. For the full list of check-in reminders, head on over to HomeLight to check it out! If during your check you find anything wrong with your kitchen appliances, please contact Appliance Rescue Service to set up a service call!