How To Baby Proof Your Kitchen

For anyone who has had children before, you know that ‘baby-proofing’ the house is an absolute must! Children, especially babies who have now learned to crawl/walk, love exploring the home and getting their hands on any and everything they can! As a new mom myself, my son is now at the stage of a super fast crawl, attempting to walk when he wants. So baby-proofing my whole house is absolutely necessary! One of my last rooms I need to proof is my kitchen. But what exactly do I need to lock up?? This was my next mission!! Thanks to some helpful advice of friends and family, I think I have mastered the kitchen with making it completely baby-friendly! (As in, babies can go in and not get hurt! Here are some things that I have done to ensure my kitchen doesn’t become a danger zone for toddlers!


  1. Cabinets & Drawers

The number one goal of my son’s is to get into every single drawer and cabinet he can find. Especially the pots and pans cabinet! So this was my first goal to tackle! Not to mention, we carry all our cleaning supplies under the sink, so that is a definite must! We fortunately have the slow closing cabinet doors, but we needed something a little better. We invested in those adhesive cabinet locks (Target , $9.89)  that you stick to the back of the door, with a little latch on the back! And Boom!! Our cabinets can’t get into anymore! (Besides us) 


2) StoveTop & Oven

The next item to lock up was our oven. The oven in our home is directly next to the entrance into the kitchen, so that is one of the first things my son goes for. He enjoys standing up, and tapping on the glass as if someone was in there, and he wanted to say ‘hello!’ However, I always worry that he is going to pull down on the handle and hit his little noggin! I didn't even know that an oven lock was a thing, but apparently it is! These locks, which are actually all purpose locks, look like a little latch that keep the items shut! It can be used on ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, etc. We got ours at Target for $9 and it works wonders!

3) Trash Cans

So this may not seem like something you would need to proof, but for our son we did! He is at the age of trying to stand up by grabbing onto things. So he will try to grab the trash can and stand up, but the bin isn't heavy enough to hold his weight from pulling! The only thing we could think of is getting a better trash can, or ensuring the trash can has a lid on it! If not, we always just put the trash in our garage!


4) Cooking Safely

Lastly, we have had to make sure that we are cooking as safely as possible. My husband’s favorite food is tacos, so we are constantly frying up some shells for them! One thing I have always made sure of is that we feed our son during the time we cook. So we bring his highchair into the kitchen, and feed him soft finger foods while we eat to keep him busy form exploring during cooking! This has been the best method for us!!

Honestly, being a parent is hard! And trying to protect our children from getting hurt almost seems impossible. But there are so many measures you can take to make sure that you can do what you can!