5 Tips For This Year’s Spring Cleaning : Appliance Edition

Spring has finally sprung! And that means it is the start of our cleaning spree we all do every year. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you get a good scrub on your household appliances this season!


1)    Wipe Down Your Microwave - While this seems like such a simple task, it is SO EXTREMELY important to wash down the microwave! Every time we use it, no matter what food seems to makes it way onto the rotating dish. Each time that happens, a plethora of germs grow & expand every minute. Take the time to wipe down your microwave with a cleaning supply, such as vinegar, dishwashing liquid, and even window cleaner!

2)    Clean the oven - Just like the microwave, the oven seems to be the place for spillage of foods. In this case, grease & food will build up over time, meaning you really should clean this more often than not! This can lead to a nasty charcoal taste in your mouth with there being too much build up. Not only that, your oven can be in serious danger of damage. If that is the case, give Appliance Rescue Service a call to come fix it!

3)    Clean the Lint Trap in the Washer & Dryer - We all know that when doing the laundry, there are steps to it. First step : put the dirty clothes in the washer with soap, and following that step in putting those clothes in the dryer. From personal experience, I use dryer sheets. BUT, did you know that even if you don’t use these, you still need to clean the lint trap in BOTH the washer & dryer?? Not only does this help get your clothes to the cleanest they can be, but it can even save you money! If the lint screen gets too clogged, it will use more energy to push through the load. In return, creating a higher bill! So don’t forget this step to save money!!

4)    Clean your Refrigerator Shelves - This is one of the most IMPORTANT appliances to clean in the house. We know that the fridge holds almost all of our food in the kitchen. With that being the case, we are susceptible to there being a spill from raw foods, such as chicken. And not just raw foods, but any kind of food that has spilled & is left for too long can lead to food poisoning! The best & quickest method to this is to

a)    Remove all the food from both fridge & freezer

b)    Take out all the shelves & drawers

c)    Wipe & Clean all the surfaces with the simple dish soap & water

d)    Dry off and Place back in the fridge!

5)    Clean BEHIND & BENEATH the Refrigerator - Along with the fridge shelves, behind & beneath the fridge is extremely important too! Things like food, dust, and mold can begin growing in these tight spaces. Not to mention, the coils under the fridge become dusty, leading to a broken fridge! Again, if this happens to you have no fear! Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas is at your Service!


These are 5 Simple & easy steps to getting your house in tip-top shape for this Spring! However, if you seem to be facing challenges with any of your home appliances, please call Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas today to set up all your appliance repair service requests!