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Appliance Spring Cleaning: The Refrigerator Edition

Throughout this spring season, Appliance Rescue Service – the best appliance repair company in Dallas, Texas - will provide a series of appliance spring cleaning tips, designed to extend the life of your investment! So today, let's start with the refrigerator.

How often do you clean your refrigerator? Are you cleaning it properly? Follow these steps below to ensure everything continues to run smoothly and to avoid costly refrigerator repairs.

Step 1: Clean the Compressor Coils

This first step is one that many people skip completely! Twice a year, your refrigerator’s compressor coils – or evaporators as some manufacturers call them – need a good wipe down. Invest in a good coil brush (sold at most appliance stores) and quickly clear the coils of any debris or dust that might have floated in. Clearing away the gunk allows for the coils to run at their maximum efficiency.

Step 2: Throw Out Old Food & Condiments

When was the last time you used that fish sauce sitting in the door of your refrigerator? If you’re like most Americans, you tend to keep food items in the refrigerator long past their expiration. Give your refrigerator a good clean out and help it run more efficiently. Overfilling the refrigerator with food can lead to Dallas refrigerator repair because an overstuffed refrigerator runs overtime to keep the food cold.

Step 3: Wipe it Down

While wiping down the exterior of yoru refrigerator along with the shelves inside is an essential part of appliance spring cleaning, pay special attention to the gaskets. Sometimes food and spills can make the door gaskets sticky, cuasing them to breakdown and not seal properly.

Hopefully these spring cleaning tips will help you avoid refrigerator repair! Should you ever need Dallas refrigerator repair, call the experts at Appliance Rescue Service! Proudly serving Dallas, Plano, McKinney, Garland, and all of the DFW Metroplex.

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What Appliances Do We Service? - Appliance Rescue Dallas

Dallas homeowners frequently call with simple questions: what appliances do you service? Is my brand included? Will you be able to service my area?

Appliance Rescue Dallas is proud to say that our answers to these questions normally result in, “Yes! We can help you!”

What Appliances Do you Service?

If it’s a major appliance in your Dallas home, then the answer is almost always “yes” to Dallas appliance repair. We cover gamut from refrigerators, freezers, cooktops, ovens, washers, dryers, and more. We can even take a look at your trash compactor, disposal, and microwave. Our team is expertly trained in each of these appliances and knows the ins and outs of multiple brands.

Is My Brand Included?

Speaking of brands… Our team of expertly trained Dallas appliance repairmen can repair just about any brand of appliance. We have taken courses with all the major appliance companies, including high-end specialty appliances, to make sure we understand your product to its fullest. Sub-Zero, Wolf, Thermador, Bosch, Viking, Jenn-Air, Maytag, and Whirlpool are just a hand full of the brands we can service.

Will you be able to service my area?

We use “Dallas repairman” loosely because we actually answer calls all over the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex! From Garland – to McKinney – to Irving – to Coppell – our team is known to drive all over the metroplex to ensure you get top quality appliance repairs in a timely manner.

Appliance Repair Dallas knows that major appliances are the lifeblood of your home, and when they don’t work, you realize just how much you rely on them. Do not hesitate – call the experts in today to get the repair done quickly and effectively! Our team takes pride in the numerous positive reviews we’ve received on Yelp!, Angie’s List, and more. We look forward to serving you!

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