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Vacation Checklist: 5 Tips for your Home Appliances

Summer is here, and chances are, you are planning a vacation sometime in the near future. Whether your vacation is for a weekend or a whole month, having your Dallas home vacation-ready is a big part of the process. Have a neighbor water plants, put a stop on all mail deliveries, etc., but have you thought about what to do with your appliances?

Before you go on vacation, make sure to follow these 5 tips from Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas to get your appliances vacation ready!


1.    Put Water Heater in Vacation Mode

Set your hot water heater on vacation mode – or “low temperature mode” – before leaving on your vacation. This simple adjustment will save you money by conserving energy in your absence.


2.    Turn off Water Valves

The last thing you want is to come back to your Dallas home after a wonderful vacation to find that your home has suffered water damage due to flooding while you were gone and you now need appliance repair in Dallas. Gain piece of mind and turn all valves to dishwashers, sinks, and washing machines off completely before leaving.



3.    Unload the Refrigerator

One week before vacation, begin using up perishable foods from your refrigerator. Anything that is left uneaten, throw away before departing. A less cluttered refrigerator will help the refrigerator run more efficiently and save you from coming home to spoiled food.


4.    Unplug Small Appliances

It’s easy to focus on the big things – refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, etc. – but don’t forget your small appliances! Be sure to unplug or turn off all major and minor appliances in the home.


5.    Clean the Disposal

Don’t let bacteria and mold grow in your unused kitchen garbage disposal while you are gone! Run the disposal with half a cup of vinegar and water to clean and sanitize before heading out of town.


Need appliance repair in Dallas? Call Appliance Rescue Service today where our goal is to provide the best appliance repair service in Dallas and the greater Dallas-Forth Worth Metroplex! 

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Is Your Dryer Vent a Hazard? - Appliance Rescue Service

A dryer is a marvelous invention that we take for granted daily. Most people use a washer and dryer at least a couple of times a week. But how often do you clean it?

Dryers – and dryer vents – are one of the leading causes of household fires. According to the National Fire Protection Association, clothes dryers cause over 15,000 fires a year. So what can we do to prevent clothes dryer failure?

Properly Clean the Dryer Filter

It is recommended that you remove the dryer lint after each and every load of laundry that you dry. Look for loose pieces of lint that may have blown out of the lint filter, that are now in the dryer. These loose pieces of lint can move into the dryer vent hose, causing buildup, inefficiency, and even fire. In fact, 32% of dryer fires were caused by a failure to clean the unit.

Professionally Clean the Lint Hose

Even with the utmost care in cleaning your lint filter, lint can escape to the lint hose, causing buildup in the line. Have a professional out to inspect and clean your lint hose every 6 months with high dryer use; once a year for moderate use.

Only Run the Dyer When you are Home

In order to keep an eye on your dyer performance, it’s best to only run your dryer when you are at your house.

Always Vent a Dryer Outdoors

This one is important! There are lots of opinions out there on where is safe to vent, but the safest bet is to just vent outdoors. Easy as that.

Are you in need of dryer repair or need professional dryer cleaning in Dallas? Our team at Appliance Rescue is expertly trained in every clothes dryer manufacturer to diagnose issues and repair the work in no time. We can also inspect your dryer for issues and clean out any clogs in the dryer hose. Give Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas a call today! Proudly serving Dallas, Garland, Richardson, Forney, Plano, Allen, and the entire DFW Metroplex.



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