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3 Reasons Your Ice Maker May be Underproducing

It’s August in Texas and that means it’s hot! Chances are, you are going through a lot of ice in your home. But have you ever grabbed a glass of ice and thought your ice maker was underproducing?


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Ice maker production varies based on the model of refrigerator you have, so check your owner’s manual for details on what the optimum production should be. If you still feel like your ice maker isn’t producing enough ice, then chances are the ice maker issue is related to one of 3 things: the freezer temperature, amount of water funneling into the ice maker, or the water value itself.


Freezer Temperature

The number one way to maximize ice production is to have the temperature in the freezer set at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Using an appliance thermometer, check your freezer’s temperature and get it as close to 0 degrees as possible. If you are registering temperatures higher that 5 degrees, then it’s time to check the door seals, check for a faulty thermostat, or call Appliance Rescue for ice maker repair in Dallas.


Water Line

A clogged water line can certainly wreck havoc on your ice maker and cause it to underproduce. Turn off the water, disconnect your water line per owner’s manual instructions, place the line in a bucket of water, then turn the water back on. If the water flows freely through the line, then the water line is not the issue.


Water Valve

The water inlet valve can easily get clogged with frozen water or ice cubes, or may even malfunction due to an electrical shortage. If you suspect a water inlet valve malfunction, it’s best to call a professional to properly diagnose and troubleshoot the issue.


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