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Are you Cleaning your Stainless Steel Appliances the Right Way?

Who doesn’t love the look of stainless steel appliances? They are beautiful! That is – unless they get smudged and dingy from everyday use – and then they’re not so beautiful.

Having trouble keeping your stainless steel appliances looking good? The appliance repair experts at Appliance Rescue Service are here to offer our advice on how to make that stainless steel sparkle!


Trick #1: Don’t Go Against the Grain.

Take a look at your stainless steel appliance. Can you see the grain of the steel? Always clean your appliance by cleaning in the direction of the grain. If you don’t, you’ll leave your refrigerator dingy and dull due to residue getting compacted in the ridges.


Trick #2: Never Use Paper Towels

Paper towels are one of the worst products for cleaning stainless steel appliances! Your best bet? Cotton or microfiber cloths. Paper towels not only leave paper “lint” on your appliance, but they can also absorb the cleaner or polish – taking if off the appliance and leaving a dull finish.


Trick #3: Use Cleaners from the Pantry

You don’t need a fancy stainless steel cleaner! In fact, many of them are just too harsh for your surface and can damage the stainless. Instead, use hot soapy water or white vinegar to create a perfect, non-abrasive clean.


Trick #4: Olive Oil is the Perfect Polish

After cleaning, grab a cotton cloth and your bottle of olive oil and go to town! The oil leaves a beautiful shine on your newly clean appliances.


Trick #5: Dry Completely

Always dry your stainless steel appliances to avoid any watermarks or splotches that can occur.


Happy Cleaning!


And as always, if you ever need Dallas appliance repair for any of your stainless steel appliances, call us at Appliance Rescue Service – the best appliance repair company in Dallas!