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Dishwasher Issues: Why are My Glasses Coming out Cloudy?

When it happens, it can be very frustrating. 

While it’s not a huge dishwasher repair, removing cloudy glasses after a dishwasher cycle is both frustrating and perplexing. What is causing the issue? Should I get a new dishwasher? Here are a few reasons why your glasses might be coming out of the dishwasher cloudy and what we recommend at Appliance Rescue Service in Frisco, Texas to fix the issue:

Reason #1: Too Much Detergent

If your glasses are coming out of the dishwasher cloudy, then one reason can be that you are using too much detergent. That cloudiness can actually be residue left from caked on soap. 

Solution: Remove all dishes from your dishwasher and give your dishwasher a deep clean with vinegar. Vinegar will dissolve detergent residue that is lurking inside your machine. Also be sure to switch to pods that will emit just the right amount of detergent into your dishwasher and help prevent the issue.


Reason #2: Hard Water

Did you just move to a new home and are noticing issues with cloudy glasses? It could be the water. Hard water is considered “hard” because it is high in calcium and magnesium, often leaving behind limescale on your dishes or anything the water touches. While you might not see it on your other dishes, it’s more obvious on your glassware. 

Solution: Again, vinegar to the rescue! Soak a microfiber cloth in white vinegar and rub down your glassware to remove the film. You can also try newspaper, as it is also a great tool for removing the mineral buildup.

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Reason #3: Etching 

Another reason your glasses might be coming out of the dishwasher cloudy is that they might be permanently etched. That etching can look like cloudiness, but if you look closely, you’ll see the tiny scratches. This can be a result of too much soap, detergent that is high in phosphates, or soft water.

Solution: If you notice your issue is actually etching the glass, then experiment with different soaps and cleaning methods to see what stops the etching for occurring in the future.


Still suspect dishwasher repair is needed? Appliance Rescue Service in Frisco, Texas is always here to help! Give us a call for fast, friendly, and quality service every time. We pride ourselves on being the best appliance repair in Frisco, Texas!

Prevent Dallas Refrigerator Repair with these Tips from Appliance Rescue Service

Refrigerators can be one of the most costly appliances to replace – and to fix. But here’s the good news: most Dallas refrigerator repairs can be avoided if you just perform routine maintenance on your appliance. 


What type of maintenance should I do on a refrigerator, you ask? Here are a few tips from the experts at Appliance Rescue Service:


1.    Clean the Condenser Coils

If you’re going to do anything to prolong the life of your refrigerator, this is it! Refrigerator condenser coils are located at the bottom of the refrigerator, and could be in the front or back depending on the model. With a coil cleaning brush – or another stiff brush – gently brush the coils to release any dust, hair, or other debris that has set in on the coils. When the coils get dirty, it prevents them from properly releasing heat, which in turn, makes your refrigerator less efficient and can lead to damage over time. Plan to clean out the condenser coils once every 6 months. 

2.    Clean the Door Gasket

Have you ever stopped to look at your refrigerator’s door gasket? Chances are, it’s in need of a little TLC. The door gasket is your refrigerator’s line of defense against cool air leakage, but if the gasket is sticky or worn, then it won’t seal properly. Give your door gasket a good scrubbing with warm, soapy water and a sponge to prevent Dallas refrigerator repair.

3.    Maintain the Proper Temperature

Did you know that a temperature between 36 degrees and 42 degrees is optimum for your refrigerator? Anything outside of this realm, and your refrigerator might be working on over-drive, which can lead to repairs and replacement more quickly.

If you sense there is something going on with your refrigerator and are in need of a Dallas refrigerator repair, be sure to call the best appliance handyman at Appliance Rescue Service! Our team is focused on getting your appliance fixed as quickly as possible with quality parts and service every time. 

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