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Dallas Microwave Repair: Signs it’s Time to Call the Professionals

Many of us take for granted what a workhorse the microwave is until it’s out of commission. When microwaves came on the scene in the 1980s, Americans rejoiced at a faster, easier way to get dinner on the table. And when your microwave isn’t working right…it’s a huge pain. Here are several signs that it might be time to call Appliance Rescue Service for Dallas microwave repair before it’s too late: 


Door Won’t Seal Shut

This is a problem. Without a proper seal, the food in your microwave will not cook evenly or completely. Be wary of running the microwave if the door doesn’t shut or seal properly.

Sparks are Flying

Occasionally, you might get a touch of something metallic in the microwave and it will spark for just a sec, but this should not be the norm. If there are sparks flying in your microwave, immediately open the door to stop the appliance, then unplug the device or cut power at the breaker. Do not turn the appliance back on until it has undergone professional microwave repair to avoid a fire hazard. 

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Loud Noises

When the microwave is running, do you hear clanging, humming, or other loud noises coming from your microwave? If so, this can often be a sign of a turntable issue. If you do not immediately see an issue with the turntable after inspection, it’s time to call an expert Dallas appliance repairman to remedy the issue.

Food is Cold

If the food didn’t cook all the way and you know it should have in the time allocated, then something is off. Call the experts in microwave repair to fix the issue.


Contact us at Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas if you experience any of these issues and need professional microwave repair in Dallas. Our expertly trained technicians will fix the problem quickly, so you’re back up and running in no time. We proudly serve Dallas, Fort Worth, Carrollton, Irving, Las Colinas, Flower Mound, Carrollton, Coppell. Grapevine, and more. 

4 Things Our Dallas Appliance Repair Technicians Will Never Do

It’s hard to find good help these days.

Once person’s experience often differs from another, but here at Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas, our goal is to provide consistent, top notch service to all our customers. And in keeping with that mantra, here are 4 things you’ll never see our Dallas appliance repair technicians do:


#1: Reuse Parts

Our technicians are highly trained in all appliance brands – from the big box retailers to the luxury brands – and no matter which brand we’re fixing, you won’t find us reusing parts. Each repair is done with brand new, factory parts and the old parts are yours to keep (or dispose of as you’d like). Occasionally, we’ll run into a computer board or transmitter that requires us to send it back to the manufacturer for replacement, and in these rare cases, if you choose to keep the part, we will need to add an additional core charge to the bill. But again, the option is always yours.


#2: Do the Work Without Approval

Each time a Dallas appliance repair technician from Appliance Rescue Service arrives at your home, he will write a full estimate, detailing the extent of the work in writing. It’s then your choice whether or not you’d like to proceed with the repair. Our technicians will never do the work unless you have signed the estimate for approval. Simple as that.


#3: Charge for Defects Within 90 Days of Original Repair

Each repair done by our Dallas appliance technicians is warrantied for 90 days of normal household use. That includes the part and the labor associated with that repair (30-day labor warranty), giving you peace of mind and assurance that if something isn’t installed right, we’ll make it right every time.


#4: Tell You Your Appliance Can’t Be Worked On

From Samsung, to Maytag, to Whirlpool, to Sub-Zero, and more, our technicians are expertly trained in all of the major appliance brands. We work hard to keep up our certifications, so that you can trust Appliance Rescue Service to handle any repair, any time, on any appliance.


So the next time you need Dallas appliance repair, call us at Appliance Rescue Service! We are proud to be a company you can trust. 

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Refrigerator Buying Guide: Pros and Cons of French Door Refrigerators

Maybe you’ve had our team of appliance repair experts at Appliance Rescue Service out to the house to assess your broken refrigerator.

Maybe you’re buying a new home and your old refrigerator just doesn’t fit in the new home.

Or maybe you’re just in the market for a newer model.

Whatever the reason, buying a new refrigerator can be daunting! French door refrigerators are one of the most popular refrigerator styles these days, but they aren’t for everyone. Here are the pros and cons of the French door refrigerator to help you decide what’s right for you:


Ease-of-Use: French door refrigerators are a big draw because everything you need in your refrigerator is easily accessible at all times. No need to bend down and look for things in the back of the fridge. Freezers get a lot less use on a day-to-day basis so it’s just common sense to put it on the bottom.

Spacious: French door refrigerators provide more room for storing large baking dishes, platters, etc. – particularly those that need more width than a side-by-side refrigerator or a traditional freezer-up model.

Aesthetics: Because French door refrigerators don’t need the same range-of-motion as a traditional refrigerator, you can often find more compact models to fit tight spaces. There are also considered very stylish, with many stainless finishes available.

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Large Objects in Freezer: If you store large turkeys or meats in your freezers, they could be cumbersome to lift out of a bottom freezer.

Clutter: Some models have drawers or shelves within the bottom freezer; some do not. Without some way to separate out where food is stored, it can be difficult to find what you need, when you need it.

Cost: French door refrigerators are more expensive that more traditional styles. Also, opening and closing two doors can let more air out than a normal refrigerator, which can lead the refrigerator to work harder, thus costing you in refrigerator repairs, longevity, or energy bills.

And as always, if you begin having issues with your French door refrigerator, do not hesitate to call Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas! We do French door refrigerator repairs daily!

Know the Signs: 4 Signs Your Appliance is About to Die

Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas repairs a lot of appliances. We service dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, cooktops…everything! Over the years, we have noticed there are some signs you just can’t ignore. Signs that your appliance may be on the fritz and it’s time to contact a professional appliance repairman in Dallas before it’s too late!


Sign #1: Refrigerator is Constantly Running or Loud

If a refrigerator starts getting noisy, running constantly, or just plain loud, it’s time to have someone out to look at your refrigerator because it could give out any day. These are typically signs of a compressor issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.


Sign #2: Gradual Decline in Refrigerator Cooling

When you notice your refrigerator is not cooling properly, it’s time to have the issue diagnosed because no one wants to waste all of the food in their refrigerator the day it just decides to give out! Cooling issues can signal a leak in the refrigerator, and this issue is often costly, so depending on age, you’ll want to consider whether a repair or a new purchase is the way to go.


Sign #3: Dryer Drying Slowly

There is one great way to curb the issues you have with your dryer: take care of it. A dryer is a workhorse, and the more you use it, the less you clean the lint trap, etc. – the quicker it is going to give out. Take good care of it and extend its life. At any rate, if a dryer is taking multiple cycles to dry, it’s time to call someone to access the issue.


Sign #4: Dishes are Coming Out of the Dishwasher Dirty

Dishwasher issues can be complex, but if you feel that your dishes are not coming out clean, it’s time to call someone. The issue could be a simple clog in the line – or it could be something more serious like a warped door or cracked tub.


Bottom line: trust your gut. If something seems off about a particular appliance, call a professional appliance repairman in Dallas at Appliance Rescue Service before it’s too late!

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Do I Fix or Replace My Broken Appliance?

It always seems that appliances go on the fritz at the worst possible time – in the middle of a laundry load, when company is about to show up, when you’re about to go out of town for vacation, etc.


Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas knows a thing or two about Dallas appliance repair, and we often get the question – should I fix my appliance, or replace it? Here are a few guidelines from the Dallas appliance repair experts to help you make an educated decision:


1.  How Long Have You Had the Appliance?

Appliances are built to last, and while they may seem more repair-prone today than in years past, it’s only because today’s appliances have more technology built in – and that extra technology can have glitches. Below is a list of the average lifespan of today’s appliances, to give you an idea as to where your appliance is in it’s lifespan:

·     Refrigerator: 10-13 years

·     Range: 15 years

·     Microwave: 9 years

·     Dishwasher: 10-12 years

·     Washer: 10-13 years

·     Dryer: 10-13 years

If it’s newer; it pays to repair it. If it’s close to 10 years old, you may consider a replacement.


2.  How Much Will it Cost to Replace?

At Appliance Rescue Service, our service call fee is $59.95, and then our appliance technician will provide you with an estimate for the cost of the appliance repair. Chances are, the repair will end up costing at least $100, and then the price can increase from there given the repair needed. A good rule of thumb: If your appliance is worth less than $200, it’s time to replace it vs. fix it. If your appliance repair estimate is at least half the purchase price of a new one, you may want to weigh the value of a new one vs. the current appliance repair.


If you ever need Dallas appliance repair, Appliance Rescue Service is happy to give you a no hassle service call and will discuss your repair options with you at the time of service. 

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Appliance Spring Cleaning: The Refrigerator Edition

Throughout this spring season, Appliance Rescue Service – the best appliance repair company in Dallas, Texas - will provide a series of appliance spring cleaning tips, designed to extend the life of your investment! So today, let's start with the refrigerator.

How often do you clean your refrigerator? Are you cleaning it properly? Follow these steps below to ensure everything continues to run smoothly and to avoid costly refrigerator repairs.

Step 1: Clean the Compressor Coils

This first step is one that many people skip completely! Twice a year, your refrigerator’s compressor coils – or evaporators as some manufacturers call them – need a good wipe down. Invest in a good coil brush (sold at most appliance stores) and quickly clear the coils of any debris or dust that might have floated in. Clearing away the gunk allows for the coils to run at their maximum efficiency.

Step 2: Throw Out Old Food & Condiments

When was the last time you used that fish sauce sitting in the door of your refrigerator? If you’re like most Americans, you tend to keep food items in the refrigerator long past their expiration. Give your refrigerator a good clean out and help it run more efficiently. Overfilling the refrigerator with food can lead to Dallas refrigerator repair because an overstuffed refrigerator runs overtime to keep the food cold.

Step 3: Wipe it Down

While wiping down the exterior of yoru refrigerator along with the shelves inside is an essential part of appliance spring cleaning, pay special attention to the gaskets. Sometimes food and spills can make the door gaskets sticky, cuasing them to breakdown and not seal properly.

Hopefully these spring cleaning tips will help you avoid refrigerator repair! Should you ever need Dallas refrigerator repair, call the experts at Appliance Rescue Service! Proudly serving Dallas, Plano, McKinney, Garland, and all of the DFW Metroplex.

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5 Ways to Save Money When Running Your Dishwasher – Appliance Rescue Service

At Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas, our goal is to help preserve the life of your appliances, saving you money in the process. When one of our expert appliance technicians arrives at your home, not only will he give you an estimate for the Dallas appliance repair, but he will also offer tips and tricks for extending the life of your investment.


So today, Appliance Rescue Service wants to share a few tips on saving money while running a dishwasher:


1.  Read the Owner’s Manual

This may seem like a no brainer, but it’s an easy step to skip! Each dishwasher is different, but most manufacturers will provide tips and tricks for using their appliance in the owner’s manual. Slow down and take a peek in the manual for ways to optimize the performance of your particular machine.


2.  Only Run a Full Load

It can be tempting to run a partial load, but if you want to save on energy costs, wait for a full load instead. This practice maximizes each dollar you are spending on energy costs and your water bill. Can’t stand the idea of dirty dishes lurking about? Load them into the dishwasher as you dirty them and then run a rinse only cycle if you just can’t stand to wait a day for washing.


3.  Do Not Pre-Rinse

Did you know you can save 55,000 gallons of water over the life of your dishwasher, just by skipping the pre-rinse in the sink? That’s huge cost savings! Instead of rinsing, just thoroughly scrape all the scraps into the trash can. Today's dishwashers are equipped to handle the grime and grit that might be leftover.


4.  Run Your Dishwasher at Night

There are several cost savings benefits to running your dishwasher at night, as opposed to during the day. For one, many energy companies charge less for “off peak” hours than they do for daytime hours. Secondly, running your dishwasher can create heat, which adds to the strain on your air conditioner. And since we live in Texas, we know this is used during the majority of the year! Running the dishwasher at night, when the home is naturally cooler, reduces cooling costs.


5.  Skip the Drying Cycle

Simply choose not to run the drying cycle and you’ll save money in the process. Instead, invest in a high quality rinse aid that will dissolve spots and water marks, then pop your dishwasher open to let dishes air dry right after the cycle ends.


Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas is committed to helping you make the most of your appliances. As always, should you ever need Dallas appliance repair, call us today! 

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Is your Washing Machine Shaking? Appliance Rescue Service Explains Why!

It never fails.

You’ve started a load of laundry, settle in on the couch to watch your favorite show, and the washing machine starts convulsing. You know what we mean – that “my washing machine is shaking uncontrollably and waking up my sleeping kids” kind of convulsion.

So why is your washing machine shaking? Let Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas shed some light on the issue!

Reason #1: Uneven Load

The number 1 reason why you’ll hear this noise is because your load of laundry has gotten unbalanced in the wash. It will sound like your washing machine is rocking uncontrollably, and it’s generally a simple fix. Simply go into the laundry room, pause the wash cycle, redistribute the load, and then resume load. Do not delay in rushing in to fix the issue, as a rocking washing machine can move around the floor, putting you at risk of damaging the machine or things around it.  If this doesn’t fix the shaking washing machine problem in Dallas, then you need an expert like Appliance Rescue to diagnosis the issue.

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Reason #2: Foreign Object in the Drum

Did you check the pockets of your clothes before starting the load? Sometimes toys, pocket change, or other small objects can get stuck in the load, making clunking noise as they are “cleaned” in the load. If you’ve already attempted to redistribute clothes and it didn’t work, wait until the load cycle has ended, then look through the clothes for any objects that might be causing the washing machine shaking.

If neither of these solutions fixing the issue, you may be experiencing a more serious washing machine repair in Dallas. Call the appliance repair experts at Appliance Rescue Service! Our trained appliance technicians will be out in no time to diagnosis and repair the issue, allowing you to wash your clothes without being interrupted by a clunking washing machine! 

How to Make your Dishwasher More Energy Efficient

We’re all looking for ways to save money and save the environment – even better when you can accomplish both with just a few simple changes.

Dishwashers use a lot of energy and water, but there are some small things you can do to cut utility bills and feel good about reducing your carbon footprint:


1.   Only Run a Full Load

This may seem simple, but avoid running a load unless it is completely full. This saves energy and water consumption. If having dirty dishes sitting stagnant bothers you, run your dishwasher’s rinse cycle for a quick rinse before washing a full load.


2.   Wash During Off-Peak Hours

Many dishwashers these days are equipped with a delayed start or overnight setting. Some utility companies even offer incentives or discounts for using energy during off-peak hours.


3.   Use the Dishwasher as a Heat Source

In the winter, running a dishwasher during the day or first thing in the morning can give off heat that will help boost the temperature of your home and reduce the burden on your home’s heater. Likewise, do not run the dishwasher during the heat of a summer day, causing more work and heat in the kitchen for the air conditioner to cool.

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4.   Skip the Drying Cycle

Save energy by skipping your dishwasher’s drying cycle. Instead, make sure you are using rinse aid – which will speed the drying process – and pop the door open after the wash cycle ends for dishes to air dry.


5.   Don’t Pre-Rinse Dishes

This one may be controversial for the die-hard pre-rinser, but would help conserve water! Most dishwashers are well equipped to clean your dishes, even if they aren’t pre-rinsed. Give it a try if you dare!


If you don’t feel like your dishwasher is running as efficiently as it should, then it may need appliance repair. Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas is a leader in Dallas appliance repair and can get a repairman out to your home quickly to diagnosis and fix the issue. Give us a call today for all your dishwasher repair needs!

Extend the Life of your Microwave with 3 Simple Tips

Microwaves are the workhorse of the kitchen appliances. We use them throughout the day to reheat and cook and generally forget how much we rely on them until they are broken!


The good news is that you can extend the life of your microwave with just a few simple changes:


Tip #1: Clean It Regularly

While this tip holds true for preserving the life of most things, it’s especially true of microwaves. Microwaves operate using steam and microwave waves to cook your food. When spills and food particles get left on the inside of the microwave, they interfere with the cooking process. The caked on food reduces the effectiveness of your microwave and may lead to microwave repairs. It’s also important to pay attention to the seal on the microwave door and wipe it down periodically.


Tip #2: Cover Food While Cooking

In the vein of tip #1, cover all food while you are cooking or reheating. Covering the food reduces the likelihood of spills and splatters, but it also helps prevent food particles from getting in the air and interfering with the microwaves ability to function. Microwave filters can get clogged with grease or food debris, one of the leading causes of microwave failure


Tip #3: Use Microwave Safe Dishes Only

Before putting anything in the microwave, double check to see if it is “microwave safe.” While some plastics are considered microwave safe, we do not recommend heating food in them. Some studies suggest they can break down in the microwave, unknowingly contaminating food. Others tend to melt, getting stuck to the microwave and causing permanent damage.


When microwave issues arise, do not attempt to take the microwave apart yourself and assess the damage. Call an experienced Dallas appliance repairman like Appliance Rescue Service for all your appliance repair needs. 

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Don't Sell Yourself Short - Invest in Quality Appliance Repair

Chances are, you put a lot of time and energy into selecting the perfect appliances for your Dallas home. Whether you were looking for Energy Star appliances or trying to decide which type of cooktop you wanted, we’re betting you spent hours scouring the likes of Consumer Reports, online review forums, and reading up on all the features available. 


When you invest so much time in selecting the perfect appliance, why would you not demand the same quality and care when it comes to your appliance repairman?


Appliance Rescue Service: Quality You Can Count On

Don’t sell yourself short. Call the experts at Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas! Our expertly trained Dallas technicians are simply a call away.

·      Quick Communication: We realize you can’t be without your washer, dryer, dishwasher, or refrigerator for long! Call, text, or even book online – 3 easy ways to book a technician. You can count on Appliance Rescue to deliver quick, prompt service when you need it the most.

·      No Hassle Pricing: All of our estimates are done upfront – before any work is done – so there are no surprises after the Dallas appliance repair is completed. Our service call fee is always $59.95 + tax, and then it’s up to you to decide what additional work you’d like done. Simple as that.

·      Warranty: We back all of our work by a 90-day, hassle free warranty. All parts and labor are covered, and if a part malfunctions, we’ll gladly replace it – free of charge!  

·      Brand New Factory Parts: Don’t be fooled by some of the other guys. Appliance Rescue Service only uses brand new, factory sealed parts – unless you specify otherwise – and all broken parts are returned to you to keep.

Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas strives to be the best appliance repair company in Dallas. Our team of experts is top notch, and will do everything we can to provide the highest level of customer service in the industry. Don’t settle for less – call the experts at Appliance Rescue!

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Should I Repair or Replace My Broken Appliance? - Appliance Rescue

When your appliance – whether it’s a dishwasher, refrigerator, oven, microwave, washing machine, etc. – has an issue, it is often difficult to know whether you should repair or replace the appliance. Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas has some tips for when to repair and when to buy new:


Consider the Life of your Appliance

No matter what appliance you buy, at some point, they all become obsolete. When you need an appliance repair in Dallas, first consider the average lifespan of the particular appliance according to the National Association of Home Builders:

· Refrigerators: 13 years

· Kitchen Range/Oven: 15 years

· Dishwashers: 9 years

· Washing Machines: 10 years

·Dryers: 13 years

· Freezer: 11 years


Think about the Cost Savings

Appliances are expensive, and replacing one can easily cost a few thousands dollars. On the flip side, if you choose to do an appliance repair in Dallas, then you will likely spend 20-30% of the cost of the a new one. That is significant savings!


Troubleshoot other Issues

If your appliance has always worked well, then the issue may not actually be your appliance itself. Look to other sources like a tripped circuit breaker, bad outlet, or an electrical short. An experienced appliance repairman, like Appliance Rescue Service, can easily diagnosis the issue.


Warranty = Free Repairs

How old is your appliance? If it is still covered under warranty by the manufacturer, then it would definitely make more sense to go ahead and fix your current appliance vs. buying a new one.


If you are having an appliance issue in Dallas and need some expert advice on whether to repair or replace, call our team at Appliance Rescue Service. We proudly serve the greater Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, providing quick and no-nonsense estimates on all types of appliance repairs. We strive to create repeat customers each time, providing the best appliance repair in Dallas.

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Refrigerator Cooling Issue? Check These 5 Things!

We count on our appliances to work properly, and when they fail, we need help immediately. Refrigerators are one of the most problematic appliance issues. When food – particularly meat and diary items – are not kept at the proper temperature bacteria begins to creep in.

If it seems that your refrigerator is not cooling properly, then it’s important to check these 5 things as soon as possible:

·      Faulty Compressor: The compressor is the lifeblood of your refrigerator and the first thing that should be checked if you are experiencing a refrigerator issue in Dallas. The compressor controls the flow of refrigerant throughout your refrigerator.

·      Dirty Condenser Coils: In order for your condenser coils to function optimally, you must clean them. Most refrigerator manufacturers recommend cleaning them every 6 months, so check your owner’s manual for details. When the coils are not clean, they are not efficiently pushing air through the refrigerator.

·      Faulty Thermostat: This may seem like a no brainer, but if the thermostat goes out in the refrigerator, then maintaining a consistent temperature may be difficult or impossible.

·      Broken Condenser Fan: Not every refrigerator has a condenser fan, but if the condenser is located with the compressor compartment, then checking the condenser fan is essential. If the condenser fan is not functioning properly, then the compartment where the compressor is located will overheat, causing compressor failure.

·      Broken Evaporator Fan: An evaporator fan works similarly to a condenser fan, but circulates air through the freezer and refrigerator. If you hear any sort of rattling behind the freezer, then that is normally a tell-tale sign of a evaporator fan issue.

Still not sure what is causing your refrigerator cooling issue in Dallas? Call Appliance Rescue Service of Dallas, Texas today! Our team can quickly diagnosis a plethora of brands including Sub-Zero, Jenn-Air, Viking, Maytag, Whirlpool, Samsung, and more and get your refrigerator repaired in no time. We're your one stop shop for Dallas appliance repair.

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Maintenance Tips for your Dishwasher

During the holiday season, your dishwasher runs on overtime. Huge holiday meals and lots of company means a dishwasher is running 24/7. It’s a season when you do NOT want your dishwasher to break! Avoid dishwasher repair in Dallas with these tips from Appliance Rescue:

·      Do a Pre-Rinse: Your dishes don’t have to be spotless when they go in the dishwasher, but make sure you wash off the majority of the food to prevent the filters in your dishwasher from becoming clogged with food particles.

·      Run Hot Water: A dishwasher runs most efficiently when the water is nice and hot from the get-go. Before starting a load of dishes, run the warm water in the sink until it’s hot. This will ensure that hot water immediately flows to your dishwasher when the cycle starts – getting dishes cleaner.

·      Freshen with Vinegar: About one a week, run an empty dishwasher with a cup of vinegar poured into the bottom of the dishwasher. The vinegar will freshen and clean food particle buildup.

·      Clean the Dishwasher Trap: Make it a habit that every time you refill the rinse aid, you clean the filters. Remove the filters and rinse off any buildup. Look in the trap below and see if there are any chunks of food that need to be disposed of as well.

·      Don’t Overload: As is the case with most appliances, don’t overdo it. If there are too many dishes stuffed into the dishwasher, the sprayer may not be able to clean each in full.

Use these tips this holiday season to keep your Dallas dishwasher repair free! If you do run into any issues, given Appliance Rescue in Dallas, Texas a call today! An expertly trained technician will be there in no time to diagnose the issue and giving you all the details in writing before proceeding with the repair. We’re your honest, reliable appliance repair company.

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