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3 Common Washing Machine Mistakes You are Probably Making

There seem to be many myths that people hold as truth when it comes to the washing machine, but Appliance Rescue Service is here to set the record straight! Here are 3 common washing machine mistakes you are probably making:


Using Too Much Detergent so Clothes Gets Extra Clean

It just makes sense, right? The more soap, the cleaner the clothes. Unfortunately, that’s just not how it works. Always use the recommended amount on the scoop for the size load that you are running. If you overdo it, excess soap can build up in your machine and on your clothes. And if it’s on your clothes, it can transfer to your skin and cause irritation to those with sensitive skin.


Washing Everything on Cold so It Doesn’t Shrink or Fade

Another good idea, but not the best for maintaining your washing machine for years to come. One of the common washing machine repair issues we see is clogged washing machines, and many times this can result from undissolved soap that gets stuck in the machine. Instead, make sure you wash delicates on cold, but choose to wash cottons and lights on warm or hot every few cycles to break down any soap residue in the machine.


Overloading the Washing Machine

It’s oh so tempting to shove everything in and hope it gets clean, but chances are, if the washing machine is overloaded then it won’t. Plus – overloading the washer can cause it to get imbalanced during the cycle, causing that awful shaking noise and ruining key components like the bearings and shock absorbers more quickly.

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If you are experiencing issues with your washing machine and need Dallas washing machine repair, call us at Appliance Rescue Service today for an in-home repair consultation. Our team will have an expertly trained appliance repair technician to your home to quickly diagnose the issue and get it fixed before the holidays.