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Follow these 4 Steps If You want to Avoid Refrigerator Repair 

It’s never fun when your refrigerator goes out. 

No one is excited to spend thousands on a new refrigerator – or even spend hundreds on refrigerator repair – and at Appliance Rescue Service, we get that. 

We make many refrigerator repair service calls, and we’ve noticed some trends in service. If you want to avoid refrigerator repair in Dallas and prolong the life of your unit, here are several steps we recommend you follow:  


Step 1: Clean the Coils

If there is one thing you take from this article, then it should be the importance of clean condenser coils. The condenser coils – normally located on the bottom of the refrigerator – should get a good scrubbing once a year. The best time to do that is now, before the summer heat hits and your refrigerator has to work harder to keep up.


Step 2: Allow for Airflow

When purchasing a refrigerator, consider the space it is going in and make sure it has adequate airflow on all sides once installed. Tight spaces don’t allow air to circulate, which prevents the refrigerator from cooling properly. Unless you have a built-in refrigerator, airflow and circulation is key.

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Step 3: Keep the Doors Sealed

Many modern refrigerators have a chime that goes off if the refrigerator is left open too long, and that’s a good thing. When the refrigerator doors are left open, it allows cold air to escape, which in turn, makes your refrigerator’s condenser work harder to cool. (Think about the way your home’s air conditioner works.) Another tip – regularly clean gaskets to get a tight seal so cold air doesn’t escape even if the door is closed. 


Step 4: Avoid Overloading the Refrigerator

Just as airflow outside the refrigerator is important, it’s also important inside the refrigerator. This means you must not pack too many items into the refrigerator if you want it to work at maximum efficiency. Also – many people will go to Costco, buy huge containers of ranch, bbq sauce, etc., and then put them all in the refrigerator. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, too many heavy containers placed together can add strain to the refrigerator doors, shelves, etc. – causing issues with door seals and more.

Hopefully these tips help you avoid Dallas refrigerator repair and extend the life of your unit for years to come. If for some reason you do find yourself in a situation where your refrigerator isn’t working properly, please don’t’ hesitate to give us a call at Appliance Rescue Service – the #1 appliance repairman in Dallas, Texas

Refrigerator Cleaning Hacks You’ve Got to Know About

Spring is in the air, and around here, that means Spring cleaning those appliances! We know your oven, refrigerator, cooktop, and dishwasher took a beating during the holiday season, so now it’s time to freshen them up and give them a new lease on life for the Spring and Summer seasons.

This week, we recommend starting with your refrigerator. Here are a few refrigerator cleaning hacks to help you jump start the process:

1.    Get Everything Out

Before you begin cleaning, it’s a good idea to take every last bit of food out of the refrigerator. That way, you control what goes back in and you can really see where the grime and gunk is that has been covered by the food items. Start by throwing away old leftovers, expired food, and duplicates.

2.    A Toothbrush and Toothpaste Work Wonders

When scrubbing the interior of the refrigerator, a little toothpaste and toothbrush can go a long way in removing stuck on splatters. The toothpaste has a nice abrasion to it, is non-toxic, and smells great. 

3.    Odor Removal? No Problem!

There are many odor removers readily available in your pantry for removing stubborn smells. Everyone knows about the age old baking soda trick, but what about cotton balls soaked in vanilla or orange extract? Simply place on a dish in the back of the refrigerator to let them soak up scents. Crisper drawers a little musty? Crumpled paper bags left in them overnight will soak up the scent. 

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4.    Find Door Leaks with a Flashlight

As you’re scrubbing that refrigerator door seal, remember what it’s there for: to trap in the cold air. You can easily check for leaks by putting a lit flashlight in the refrigerator, then shutting the door. If the room is dark, you should be able to see if any light is shining through and your refrigerator door seal needs repair.

5.    Vinegar and Olive Oil on the Exterior

You don’t need a fancy stainless steel door cleaner! Check the pantry! Vinegar or olive oil on a microfiber cloth are both great at removing stains and restoring shine. Simply rub with the grain and watch the door sparkle again!

Happy spring cleaning! And if you do discover any issues with your refrigerator as you are spring cleaning and need Dallas refrigerator repair, give us a call at Appliance Rescue Service! We serve the entire North Texas community, including Addison, Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving, Las Colinas, Colleyville, Southlake, Flower Mound, Keller, Argyle, Coppell, and more.

Prevent Dallas Refrigerator Repair with these Tips from Appliance Rescue Service

Refrigerators can be one of the most costly appliances to replace – and to fix. But here’s the good news: most Dallas refrigerator repairs can be avoided if you just perform routine maintenance on your appliance. 


What type of maintenance should I do on a refrigerator, you ask? Here are a few tips from the experts at Appliance Rescue Service:


1.    Clean the Condenser Coils

If you’re going to do anything to prolong the life of your refrigerator, this is it! Refrigerator condenser coils are located at the bottom of the refrigerator, and could be in the front or back depending on the model. With a coil cleaning brush – or another stiff brush – gently brush the coils to release any dust, hair, or other debris that has set in on the coils. When the coils get dirty, it prevents them from properly releasing heat, which in turn, makes your refrigerator less efficient and can lead to damage over time. Plan to clean out the condenser coils once every 6 months. 

2.    Clean the Door Gasket

Have you ever stopped to look at your refrigerator’s door gasket? Chances are, it’s in need of a little TLC. The door gasket is your refrigerator’s line of defense against cool air leakage, but if the gasket is sticky or worn, then it won’t seal properly. Give your door gasket a good scrubbing with warm, soapy water and a sponge to prevent Dallas refrigerator repair.

3.    Maintain the Proper Temperature

Did you know that a temperature between 36 degrees and 42 degrees is optimum for your refrigerator? Anything outside of this realm, and your refrigerator might be working on over-drive, which can lead to repairs and replacement more quickly.

If you sense there is something going on with your refrigerator and are in need of a Dallas refrigerator repair, be sure to call the best appliance handyman at Appliance Rescue Service! Our team is focused on getting your appliance fixed as quickly as possible with quality parts and service every time. 

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5 Signs It’s Time to Call a Dallas Refrigerator Repair Company

Your refrigerator is the heart of the kitchen, and chances are that if it went out, you’d be in more of a bind than you realize.

At Appliance Rescue Service, we specialize in Dallas refrigerator repair. Our goal is to fix the problems before you ever realize you have one! While they may not be broken yet, most appliances will give you a sign that there is a problem. Here are 5 signs it’s time to call a Dallas refrigerator repair company before it’s too late:


1.  Refrigerator is Constantly Running

We’ve all heard the joke, “Is your refrigerator running?” “Then go fix it!” Well, there is some truth to that. While your refrigerator may make an occasional noise, it shouldn’t be overly noisy or cycling on and off all the time. Try opening the door and closing it or getting some ice, and if this doesn’t solve the issue, then it’s time to call a licensed professional to diagnose the issue.


2.  Food Takes Longer to Cool

If you put food in the refrigerator and it seems oddly warmer than it should, then something is definitely off with your refrigerator. Today’s refrigerators are very effective and are able to hold a constant temperature very well without foods getting warm.


3.  Condensation at the Seal

When opening and closing the refrigerator, do you see condensation on the seal? If so, this is a sign that your refrigerator is in need of Dallas refrigerator repair and is not cooling properly.


4.  Puddles on the Floor

If there are puddles on the floor near your refrigerator or inside the food storage area itself, it could mean an issue with the water line for the ice maker or the defrost drain. If you don’t immediately see an issue, call an appliance repair specialist to diagnose and fix the issue.


5.  Rising Energy Bills

Today’s appliances are very energy efficient, but if you notice that your bills are going up and you can’t seem to pinpoint a reason, it doesn’t hurt to have a Dallas refrigerator repair company like Appliance Rescue Service evaluate your refrigerator and other appliances to make sure they aren’t overworking and causing the spike in cost.

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Refrigerator Buying Guide: Pros and Cons of French Door Refrigerators

Maybe you’ve had our team of appliance repair experts at Appliance Rescue Service out to the house to assess your broken refrigerator.

Maybe you’re buying a new home and your old refrigerator just doesn’t fit in the new home.

Or maybe you’re just in the market for a newer model.

Whatever the reason, buying a new refrigerator can be daunting! French door refrigerators are one of the most popular refrigerator styles these days, but they aren’t for everyone. Here are the pros and cons of the French door refrigerator to help you decide what’s right for you:


Ease-of-Use: French door refrigerators are a big draw because everything you need in your refrigerator is easily accessible at all times. No need to bend down and look for things in the back of the fridge. Freezers get a lot less use on a day-to-day basis so it’s just common sense to put it on the bottom.

Spacious: French door refrigerators provide more room for storing large baking dishes, platters, etc. – particularly those that need more width than a side-by-side refrigerator or a traditional freezer-up model.

Aesthetics: Because French door refrigerators don’t need the same range-of-motion as a traditional refrigerator, you can often find more compact models to fit tight spaces. There are also considered very stylish, with many stainless finishes available.

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Large Objects in Freezer: If you store large turkeys or meats in your freezers, they could be cumbersome to lift out of a bottom freezer.

Clutter: Some models have drawers or shelves within the bottom freezer; some do not. Without some way to separate out where food is stored, it can be difficult to find what you need, when you need it.

Cost: French door refrigerators are more expensive that more traditional styles. Also, opening and closing two doors can let more air out than a normal refrigerator, which can lead the refrigerator to work harder, thus costing you in refrigerator repairs, longevity, or energy bills.

And as always, if you begin having issues with your French door refrigerator, do not hesitate to call Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas! We do French door refrigerator repairs daily!

Appliance Spring Cleaning: The Refrigerator Edition

Throughout this spring season, Appliance Rescue Service – the best appliance repair company in Dallas, Texas - will provide a series of appliance spring cleaning tips, designed to extend the life of your investment! So today, let's start with the refrigerator.

How often do you clean your refrigerator? Are you cleaning it properly? Follow these steps below to ensure everything continues to run smoothly and to avoid costly refrigerator repairs.

Step 1: Clean the Compressor Coils

This first step is one that many people skip completely! Twice a year, your refrigerator’s compressor coils – or evaporators as some manufacturers call them – need a good wipe down. Invest in a good coil brush (sold at most appliance stores) and quickly clear the coils of any debris or dust that might have floated in. Clearing away the gunk allows for the coils to run at their maximum efficiency.

Step 2: Throw Out Old Food & Condiments

When was the last time you used that fish sauce sitting in the door of your refrigerator? If you’re like most Americans, you tend to keep food items in the refrigerator long past their expiration. Give your refrigerator a good clean out and help it run more efficiently. Overfilling the refrigerator with food can lead to Dallas refrigerator repair because an overstuffed refrigerator runs overtime to keep the food cold.

Step 3: Wipe it Down

While wiping down the exterior of yoru refrigerator along with the shelves inside is an essential part of appliance spring cleaning, pay special attention to the gaskets. Sometimes food and spills can make the door gaskets sticky, cuasing them to breakdown and not seal properly.

Hopefully these spring cleaning tips will help you avoid refrigerator repair! Should you ever need Dallas refrigerator repair, call the experts at Appliance Rescue Service! Proudly serving Dallas, Plano, McKinney, Garland, and all of the DFW Metroplex.

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