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3 Common Washing Machine Mistakes You are Probably Making

There seem to be many myths that people hold as truth when it comes to the washing machine, but Appliance Rescue Service is here to set the record straight! Here are 3 common washing machine mistakes you are probably making:


Using Too Much Detergent so Clothes Gets Extra Clean

It just makes sense, right? The more soap, the cleaner the clothes. Unfortunately, that’s just not how it works. Always use the recommended amount on the scoop for the size load that you are running. If you overdo it, excess soap can build up in your machine and on your clothes. And if it’s on your clothes, it can transfer to your skin and cause irritation to those with sensitive skin.


Washing Everything on Cold so It Doesn’t Shrink or Fade

Another good idea, but not the best for maintaining your washing machine for years to come. One of the common washing machine repair issues we see is clogged washing machines, and many times this can result from undissolved soap that gets stuck in the machine. Instead, make sure you wash delicates on cold, but choose to wash cottons and lights on warm or hot every few cycles to break down any soap residue in the machine.


Overloading the Washing Machine

It’s oh so tempting to shove everything in and hope it gets clean, but chances are, if the washing machine is overloaded then it won’t. Plus – overloading the washer can cause it to get imbalanced during the cycle, causing that awful shaking noise and ruining key components like the bearings and shock absorbers more quickly.

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If you are experiencing issues with your washing machine and need Dallas washing machine repair, call us at Appliance Rescue Service today for an in-home repair consultation. Our team will have an expertly trained appliance repair technician to your home to quickly diagnose the issue and get it fixed before the holidays. 

How to Level a Shaking Washing Machine

Ever been in the other room while a load of laundry is washing, only to be startled by a sudden, large rumbling. The culprit: an uneven washing machine.

Washing machines that aren’t sitting level – or where the weight inside isn’t evenly distributed – can not only be a noise violation, but they can damage the internal mechanisms of the washing machine or even the floor beneath the washing machine. 

If you suspect the shaking washing machine is not sitting level, then here’s an easy fix from Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas:


Step 1: Check if its Level

The obvious first step is to grab a carpenter’s bubble level and set it on top of your shaking washing machine to determine if it’s level. If not, keep reading to learn how to adjust the legs of your machine. 

Step 2: Adjust the Front Legs of the Washer

Start by adjusting the front legs of your washing machine. The goal is to have the machine sit as low to the ground as possible to prevent vibrations, so loosen the lug nut on one of the front legs, shorten the leg, and then use your level to adjust the other leg accordingly. 

Step 3: Adjust the Back Legs of the Washer

Normally the back legs of your washing machine are built to self adjust, so once the adjustments are made on the front legs and everything is level, gently lift the back of the machine and set it back down. Take your level to verify that all is properly leveled. 

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Step 4: Tighten Everything Down

One you’re satisfied with your adjustments, tighten all lug nuts back into place.

Step 5: Test the Machine

Now for the true test! Run the wash cycle and see if the shaking washing machine issue still exists. If the problem is not remedied, it may be time to call in the professional appliance repairmen in Dallas at Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas!

Are you Making These 5 Common Laundry Mistakes?

If there is one thing in life that is inevitable, it’s laundry.

And while we’ve all got laundry to do, many of us are making laundry mistakes everyday that are creating extra wear and tear to our washing machines, dryers, and clothes. So Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas wants to know, are you guilty of these common laundry mistakes? Read on to find out!


#1: Overdoing it on the Laundry Detergent

More soap means more clean – right?! Wrong. In fact, excess bubbles in our machine can trap bacteria and dirt as it comes off of clothes, and then those suds can get stuck in hard to rinse spots, like in creases of pockets. This makes the clothes less clean because the bubbles can’t rinse clean. Avoid overdoing it on the laundry detergent by using less than you normally would, and see if the laundry gets clean. If it does, then you may consider even using less to conserve detergent. Find a happy medium between clean clothes and detergent.


#2: Allowing Clothes Snags

Ever get clothes out of the laundry and it’s been torn up or pulled by other clothes? While you can’t avoid all of these mishaps, you can avoid clothing snags by zipping all zippers to the top (so the teeth are not exposed) and un-buttoning shirts (buttoned shirts cause unnecessary stress on the buttons while in the wash).


#3: Overfilling the Washing Machine

Another common mistake we see at Appliance Rescue – your leader in Dallas washing machine repair – is overfilling the washing machine. Overcrowding the washing machine doesn’t leave room for clothes to float in the water; therefore, they don’t get clean. It also puts major stress on the washing machine’s bearings and shock absorbers.

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#4: Leaving Clothes Unfolded

Leaving clothes in the dryer indefinitely, or taking it out and leaving it in a basket without folding it, is a recipe for wrinkles. Avoid those wrinkles by folding it immediately. No time to fold immediately? 2 things can help: 1) use the permanent press cycle that allows for a cool down/wrinkle free fluff; 2) lay clothes out flat before folding instead of crumpled in a pile.


#5: Scrubbing Stains

A little elbow grease is not helpful when properly pretreating stains. Instead, carefully blot the stain with a white cloth, working from the outside in to keep the stain from spreading outward. Treat a stain as soon as you can for maximum results.


Need more tips for using your washing machine or dryer more efficiently? Just call the experts in Dallas washing machine repair – Appliance Rescue Service. We’re always just a call away and can help with all your appliance repair needs.

Is your Washing Machine Shaking? Appliance Rescue Service Explains Why!

It never fails.

You’ve started a load of laundry, settle in on the couch to watch your favorite show, and the washing machine starts convulsing. You know what we mean – that “my washing machine is shaking uncontrollably and waking up my sleeping kids” kind of convulsion.

So why is your washing machine shaking? Let Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas shed some light on the issue!

Reason #1: Uneven Load

The number 1 reason why you’ll hear this noise is because your load of laundry has gotten unbalanced in the wash. It will sound like your washing machine is rocking uncontrollably, and it’s generally a simple fix. Simply go into the laundry room, pause the wash cycle, redistribute the load, and then resume load. Do not delay in rushing in to fix the issue, as a rocking washing machine can move around the floor, putting you at risk of damaging the machine or things around it.  If this doesn’t fix the shaking washing machine problem in Dallas, then you need an expert like Appliance Rescue to diagnosis the issue.

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Reason #2: Foreign Object in the Drum

Did you check the pockets of your clothes before starting the load? Sometimes toys, pocket change, or other small objects can get stuck in the load, making clunking noise as they are “cleaned” in the load. If you’ve already attempted to redistribute clothes and it didn’t work, wait until the load cycle has ended, then look through the clothes for any objects that might be causing the washing machine shaking.

If neither of these solutions fixing the issue, you may be experiencing a more serious washing machine repair in Dallas. Call the appliance repair experts at Appliance Rescue Service! Our trained appliance technicians will be out in no time to diagnosis and repair the issue, allowing you to wash your clothes without being interrupted by a clunking washing machine! 

5 Signs You Need Washing Machine Repair - Appliance Rescue Service

A washing machine is one workhorse of an appliance! In fact, the average American family does about 400 loads of laundry a year! Over time, wear and tear can set it, leading to less efficiency or more complex issues. But how do you know it’s time to have your machine professionally serviced?


Appliance Rescue Service recommends looking for these 5 signs that it might be time to call a professional before more damage is done:


Issue #1 – Standing Water in the Drum

If your clothes cycle is complete and water is still sitting in the bottom of your washing machine drum, then this is a sign of an issue. Remove all of the clothing and make sure there is not any clothes tangled up, blocking a drain or pump. Standing water is most likely due to a clogged hose or faulty water pump.


Issue #2 – Noisy Washing Machine

Extreme clunking or shaking is not normal for a washing machine. If you hear excessive clunking mid-cycle, open your washer and check to see if the clothing inside is evenly distributed or tangled around the center post. (This issue often happens with large, heavy blankets or sheets.) If that is not your issue, then the issue is likely due to a loose drum or motor mount.


Issue #3 – Drum Does not Turn

If you notice there is no movement from your washing machine drum, then you will need professional washing machine repair. This issue is likely due to a faulty lid switch or a cracked belt.


Issue #4 – No Water in Drum

When water does not fill the drum, the issue could be a plethora of things: clogged filter, broken water intake valve, electrical issue, kinked hose, etc. A professional at Appliance Rescue Service can properly diagnosis the issue, saving you hours of troubleshooting your washing machine.


Issue #5 – Control Panel Malfunction

Each machine is different and diagnosing an electrical malfunction at the control panel is tricky. If your dials and buttons are not working properly, then it’s a sign that a professional appliance repair service needs to be called.


If you are experiencing any of the above issues or suspect a need for washing machine repair in Dallas, call the experts at Appliance Rescue Service! Call us now, so that we can fix the problem before it escalates.

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