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How to Make your Dishwasher More Energy Efficient

We’re all looking for ways to save money and save the environment – even better when you can accomplish both with just a few simple changes.

Dishwashers use a lot of energy and water, but there are some small things you can do to cut utility bills and feel good about reducing your carbon footprint:


1.   Only Run a Full Load

This may seem simple, but avoid running a load unless it is completely full. This saves energy and water consumption. If having dirty dishes sitting stagnant bothers you, run your dishwasher’s rinse cycle for a quick rinse before washing a full load.


2.   Wash During Off-Peak Hours

Many dishwashers these days are equipped with a delayed start or overnight setting. Some utility companies even offer incentives or discounts for using energy during off-peak hours.


3.   Use the Dishwasher as a Heat Source

In the winter, running a dishwasher during the day or first thing in the morning can give off heat that will help boost the temperature of your home and reduce the burden on your home’s heater. Likewise, do not run the dishwasher during the heat of a summer day, causing more work and heat in the kitchen for the air conditioner to cool.

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4.   Skip the Drying Cycle

Save energy by skipping your dishwasher’s drying cycle. Instead, make sure you are using rinse aid – which will speed the drying process – and pop the door open after the wash cycle ends for dishes to air dry.


5.   Don’t Pre-Rinse Dishes

This one may be controversial for the die-hard pre-rinser, but would help conserve water! Most dishwashers are well equipped to clean your dishes, even if they aren’t pre-rinsed. Give it a try if you dare!


If you don’t feel like your dishwasher is running as efficiently as it should, then it may need appliance repair. Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas is a leader in Dallas appliance repair and can get a repairman out to your home quickly to diagnosis and fix the issue. Give us a call today for all your dishwasher repair needs!

7 Things You Never Knew You Could Put in the Dishwasher - Appliance Rescue Service

Sure, a dishwasher is traditionally used for washing dishes. But what if we told you it’s a great place to wash plenty of other household items too?! High heat, water, and suds do all the work to get your items sparking clean. Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas presents 7 things you never thought to put in the dishwasher:

·      Grill Grates: You’ve scrubbed and scrubbed, and they just won’t get clean. Try putting them in the dishwasher on an overnight cycle (or any longer cycle) and high heat and see the grease melt away.

·      Shin guards and Mouth guards: Place these on the top rack to prevent the plastic from warping.

·      Glass Light Covers: Over time, dust builds up on light fixture covers. Why not throw them in the dishwasher for crystal clear results?

·      Shoes: Plastic shoes – think rain boots or flip flops – are easy to clean in the dishwasher. Place them on the top rack to prevent issues. Also – don’t forget to remove any shoe liners before washing.

·      Plastic Hairbrushes: If your brush or comb is plastic, then remove the hair form the bristles, and take it for a spin in the dishwasher. It will be clean and sanitized in no time!

·      Potatoes: Rather than spending time scrubbing a big batch of potatoes, just put them all on the top rack – without soap – and rinse them all at one time.

·      Baseball caps: While the washing machine can ruin a baseball cap, washing it in the dishwasher is a safe bet. Just be sure to buy a baseball cap keeper first and avoid washing it with actual dishes, as food particles can get stuck in the fabric.

And as with all things, before trying any of these dishwasher cleaning tips, be sure to check your dishwasher’s user manual.

Looking for more dishwasher tips? Appliance Rescue Service is happy to help! Our expertly trained staff can answer any questions you have about Dallas dishwasher repair, dishwasher maintenance, and more.

How to Deep Clean Your Dishwasher

You run your dishwasher every day (or nearly every day), so it should be sparkling clean, right?!




From talking with countless customers about their home appliance repairs, at Appliance Rescue, we have come to realize that this is a common misconception. In order to keep dishes spotless and extend the life of your dishwasher, deep clean your dishwasher with these simple tips:


Step 1: Clean the Filters

As a good rule of thumb, remove and clean your filters every time you re-add rinse aid. Remove the filter(s) and soak them for approx. 10 minutes in warm, soapy water. Scrub off any remaining particles of gunk that are stuck in the filter. Keeping the filters clean adds efficiency and longevity to your dishwasher.


Step 2: Run a Vinegar Cycle

Vinegar is one of the simplest and time-proven cleaning agents there is. With its acidic nature, vinegar can be used to clean nearly anything! Splash a cup of vinegar in the bottom of your dishwasher before running a cycle to boost cleaning performance and cut through grit and grime stuck inside the washer.


Step 3: Run a Baking Soda Cycle

Now that you’ve cleaned with vinegar, pack a one-two punch with baking soda! Baking soda neutralizes odor. Sprinkle baking soda in the bottom of your machine, let it sit overnight, then run another empty cycle.


Step 4: Scrub the Crevices

Grab a small cleaning brush – such as a toothbrush – and scrub any remaining debris, particularly in the crevices and in the door seal. The door seal is an easily forgotten part of the dishwasher where grime likes to hide. And don't forget to wipe down the control panel and handle on the exterior!


Follow these steps to a cleaner dishwasher, and remember, if you ever have dishwasher issues and need dishwasher repair in Dallas, the experts at Appliance Rescue Service are just a phone call away. We provide the best customer service in town, proudly serving Dallas, Plano, McKinney, Richardson, Irving, Forney, Las Colinas, and the surrounding Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

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