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Is it Really Necessary to Change my Refrigerator's Water Filter?

In short – yes!

When you buy a new refrigerator – whether it’s a Maytag, GE, Jenn-Air, Sub-Zero, etc. – chances are it’s going to have a water filtration system to keep your water crystal clear and clean. Most manufacturers recommend changing these filters every 6 months, and for good reason! Check out these 4 reasons to change your water filter regularly:

1.     Changes in Taste & Smell: Ever tasted tap water after you’ve gotten used to using filtered water? Does it smell or taste different? This is because the filter is there to filter out minerals, chemicals, and microbes that could be floating around in your water. The filter is there to take the filtering the city does to an extra degree to ensure tastier, fresher water.

2.     Clogs in the Dispenser: When the filter begins to breakdown and stop doing it’s job, hard minerals are not scrubbed out and make it through to the water. These minerals can not only change the taste of your water, but they can clog up the tubing to your dispenser, making it difficult for the water to pass through.

3.     Cloudy Ice: If you are looking at a cup of unfiltered water, you many not be able to notice the additional minerals, chemicals, and microbes in the water. But freeze it – and it will tell a different story. When you haven’t changed your filter, these deposits are not filtered out of the water, and when frozen, the water will appear cloudy – giving you anything but crystal clear ice.

4.      The City Doesn’t Always Get it Right: Our local municipalities work their hardest to filter the water and meet appropriate standards for drinking water. But this varies from city to city, state to state. A water filtration system in your refrigerator – with a good filter – is going to give you the maximum protection from heavy metals, microbes, chemicals, or added minerals that could be in the water supply.

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