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3 Tips to Get Your Oven Ready to Bake and Roast This Season

It’s fall, which means the season for baking and roasting is right around the corner.


Not only do you need to stock up on vegetables to roast and butter for baking, you also need to make sure your oven is in its best working condition so that your meals turn out perfect every time.


Need some tips to get started? Try these from our team at Appliance Rescue Service, the top appliance repair company in Dallas!


Clean Your Oven

When was the last time you cleaned your oven? If you can’t remember, then it’s time! Typically, you’ll want to clean it at least every 6 months. While you can use the ovens self clean option, we do not recommend it. Because the self clean option makes the oven extremely hot to melt away debris, there is just too much risk that something will get damaged in the process. Instead, make a baking soda and vinegar paste and apply it all over the inside. Then, take a scouring pad and hot water and wipe it clean. Easy and all natural!


Check the Oven Temperature

Did you know that your oven temperature can be off by 20-30 degrees? It’s true. We often get calls about ovens not being properly calibrated. Before you call for an oven repair in Dallas, try testing it yourself by setting the oven to 350 degrees and putting a probe thermometer on the middle rack. Check it periodically over an hour’s time to see how accurate the temperature reading is. If you are concerned about an issue, call us for an oven calibration service.


Put a Pizza Stone in Your Oven

Adding a pizza stone to your oven adds mass to the oven. It’s smart to store a pizza stone on the bottom rack of your oven, because as the oven heats up, the stone with absorb the heat as well and keep oven temperatures more steady as the oven opens and closes, perfect for keeping roasts cooking evenly and cookies too.


Hopefully these tips get you prepared for the fall baking season, and if at any point you notice your oven needs be serviced, call us at Appliance Rescue Service – the best appliance repair company in Dallas, Texas.

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Should I Self Clean my Oven Before the Holidays? - Appliance Rescue Service

So here we are, in the busiest season of the year, and likely your busiest baking season.


When the temperatures cool down, we tend to go into comfort food mode, baking up delicious holiday treats and tasty roasted dishes. With company coming to town and holiday baking looming, you may be wondering whether or not it’s time to run that self clean option on your oven. Here are a few thoughts from Appliance Rescue on the matter!


No One Size Fits All Answer

Each oven operates differently, and it is difficult to say whether or not using the self cleaning function will bring your more joy or some unexpected headaches. When you use the self clean option, your oven temperatures rise to about 1000 degrees – which is very, very hot! In some cases, this can wreck havoc on components or cause more issues than good. Most of the time, the setting works great – but you just must be careful and do all you can to set yourself up for success. Refer to your oven's user manual for details on use and care.


Clean As You Go

One of the best tips we can offer is to avoid having too much caked on gunk, if and when you decide to run the self cleaning function. Use a soft cloth after each baking session (after the oven has cooled down of course!), to remove any residue from that pie that boiled over or baked sweet potatoes that you baked right on the rack. That way, if you do decide to use the self cleaning function, your oven will have less gunk to burn off and turn to ash - and less room for error.


Clean the Oven NOW!

Whether or not you use the self cleaning function, go ahead and give your oven a good cleaning now! You’ll feel good about getting holiday cleaning in early, and there will be no risk of residuals scents interfering with future baking. We’ve found that a paste of good old-fashioned baking soda and water, applied to the oven on a damp cloth, will work wonders for restoring that brilliant clean to your oven’s interior.


If you should need an oven repair in Dallas, be sure to call Appliance Rescue Service! We serve the entire Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and our customer service is second to none. Call us anytime, and we will have a technician out to your home to quickly assess the issue and get your oven up and running again in no time. 

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