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5 Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Cool this Summer

At Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas, we know that the summers get hot in North Texas! And cooking with your appliances can make the kitchen unbearable. Rather than create more heat in the home – and cause additional wear on your major appliances – try these 5 tips for keeping your kitchen cool this summer:


1.    Use Small Appliances

Remember that slow cooker you got as a wedding gift?! Bust it out and use it this summer! Most homeowners have cabinets full of small appliances such as griddles, slow cookers, Panini presses, rice cookers, etc. that rarely get used. Take them out this summer to prepare food without every having to heat up your oven or cooktop.


2.    Skip the Kitchen and Move the Cooking Outdoors

This may seem like a no-brainer, but take advantage of the grilling season and prepare your food outdoors. Smoked meat and grilled steaks and veggies taste amazing after a long day in the sun. And bonus: your kitchen stays cool and clean.


3.    Prepare Food in the AM

If you must turn the appliances on, consider preparing food before the heat of the day kicks in. You can prep food early, so when it’s hot in the afternoon, your kitchen won’t overheat too.


4.    Use a Fan to Circulate Air

Consider replacing your kitchen light fixture with a ceiling fan that can circulate air throughout the kitchen and cool the space. Not keen on the idea of a permanent fixture? Invest in a tabletop fan that can be plugged in when the kitchen begins overheating on hot summer afternoons.


5.    Plan a No-Cook Meal Solution

Plan to have cold sandwiches or other non-cook meals at least one day a week during the summer to cut down on appliance usage. Your family will enjoy the change, and besides, who wants to cook after a long day in the sun?


If you ever find that your appliances are overheating – and not just your kitchen! – give Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas a call! Our team of experts will be out in less than 24 hours to diagnose your Dallas appliance issue and provide a full estimate before any work is done. We take pride in being the best appliance repair company in Dallas!

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