why is my washing machine shaking

Is your Washing Machine Shaking? Appliance Rescue Service Explains Why!

It never fails.

You’ve started a load of laundry, settle in on the couch to watch your favorite show, and the washing machine starts convulsing. You know what we mean – that “my washing machine is shaking uncontrollably and waking up my sleeping kids” kind of convulsion.

So why is your washing machine shaking? Let Appliance Rescue Service in Dallas, Texas shed some light on the issue!

Reason #1: Uneven Load

The number 1 reason why you’ll hear this noise is because your load of laundry has gotten unbalanced in the wash. It will sound like your washing machine is rocking uncontrollably, and it’s generally a simple fix. Simply go into the laundry room, pause the wash cycle, redistribute the load, and then resume load. Do not delay in rushing in to fix the issue, as a rocking washing machine can move around the floor, putting you at risk of damaging the machine or things around it.  If this doesn’t fix the shaking washing machine problem in Dallas, then you need an expert like Appliance Rescue to diagnosis the issue.

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Reason #2: Foreign Object in the Drum

Did you check the pockets of your clothes before starting the load? Sometimes toys, pocket change, or other small objects can get stuck in the load, making clunking noise as they are “cleaned” in the load. If you’ve already attempted to redistribute clothes and it didn’t work, wait until the load cycle has ended, then look through the clothes for any objects that might be causing the washing machine shaking.

If neither of these solutions fixing the issue, you may be experiencing a more serious washing machine repair in Dallas. Call the appliance repair experts at Appliance Rescue Service! Our trained appliance technicians will be out in no time to diagnosis and repair the issue, allowing you to wash your clothes without being interrupted by a clunking washing machine!